This information is for Vicon Tracker 4.0. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

Vicon Tracker 4 banner

Depending on the way you license Vicon Tracker, choose one of the following:

Install Tracker

The Tracker installer enables you to choose whether to install the following components. By default, all are selected and installed on the local hard drive

  • Vicon Tracker This option installs Vicon Tracker, supporting live VR functionality.
  • Vicon Firmware Manager This software checks whether your Vicon hardware needs firmware updates and enables you to update the firmware whenever necessary.
  • Bonjour This option installs Bonjour networking technology software.
  • Safenet Dongle Driver This option enables you to use a Safenet dongle, so is only necessary if your license uses a dongle. (You may need to reboot your PC after installation.)

To install Tracker:

  1. Visit the Vicon Downloads page at

  2. On the Software page, click Tracker and download the required Tracker software installer.

  3. In Windows Explorer, go to the folder to which you downloaded the installer and double-click Vicon_Tracker_Setup.exe.

    If you attempt to install Tracker on a machine running a version of Windows that is earlier than Windows 10, you may receive an error message that halts the installation. The message instructs you to install a specified Windows update before re-starting the Tracker installation. In this case:
    1. Exit the Tracker installation.
    2. Download and install the specified Windows update.
    3. Start the Tracker installation again.
  4. In most cases, accept the default options to install Tracker. If you are using a SafeNet dongle, ensure the option to install the SafeNet dongle driver is selected.
  5. On the License Agreement wizard page, read and accept the terms and click Initialize.
  6. On the Tracker Installation initialization wizard page, click Install.
    The installation pages and license agreements that are displayed depend on the options you selected in Step 4.
  7. Click through the installation pages, accepting any necessary license agreements.
  8. On the final installation wizard page, click Finish.

Install Vicon Product Licensing only

  1. Visit the Vicon Product Licensing page.
  2. Download the Vicon Product Licensing installer.

    In Windows Explorer, go to the folder to which you downloaded the installer, unzip it, then double-click Vicon_Product_Licensing_Setup.exe.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Vicon Product Licensing.
    Note that if an older version of the license server is already installed, it is replaced. If the same version is already installed, the license server is not installed.

    Installing the Sentinel License Server also installs the License Tools. If you are already using any other version of the SafeNet licensing tools, before replacing them with the latest version, contact Vicon Support for advice.

For information on how to use Vicon Product Licensing to license your Tracker installation, see License Vicon Tracker.