This information is for Vicon Tracker 4.0. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

Vicon Tracker 4 banner

The Tracker user interface guides you through common tasks.

By default, the following panels are displayed as tabs on the left of the Tracker window:

System panel: Enables you to set up and manage the components of your Vicon system.
For more information, see Configuring your Vicon Tracker system.

Camera Calibration panel: View and select options relating to calibrating the cameras. For more information, see Calibrating Vicon cameras.

Tracking panel: Import, create and manage objects whose motion data you want to track, and control tracking. For more information, see Setting up object tracking.

By default, the following panels are displayed in the center of the Tracker window:

Workspace: Set up the way you want to visualize capture data from one or more cameras. For more information, see Viewing system data.

System Health Report panel: Enables you to monitor the health of your system. For more information, see System Health Report.

Log: View messages about the current status of your Vicon system. For more information, see Monitoring system activity.

At the top of the Tracker window, the menu bar provides access to the Tracker menus and settings:

Menu bar: Exit Tracker; undo/redo; open and close panels; set preferences, show hot keys and Vicon Control authorizations; and view help, software version, and licensing information. Also enables you to view, change and save system settings and window layouts (View settings). In addition, Tracker displays information that indicates the currently selected mode, such as Video Preview or Masking, etc. For more information, see About the menu bar.

To display the following panels, from the View menu, select the required option:

  • Capture panel: Enables you to save captures for future review. For more information, see Capturing data.
  • Connections panel: Enables you to view any connected clients, and to view and change settings for Vicon DataStream output, stream data using Open Sound Control, specify UDP object streaming protocol properties, and work with VRPN. For more information, see Extending your use of Vicon Tracker.
  • Processing panel: Enables you to view and change system-wide settings for object tracking, camera healing, performance tuning, and more. For more information, see Configure system processing parameters.
  • Review panel: Enables you to review data from previous captures. For more information, see Review captures.

When you are familiar with the Tracker user interface, you can customize Tracker to look and behave as you want (see Customize the Tracker user interface).

Next steps

Before you begin working with Tracker, it is important to understand the core fundamentals of how it operates (see Tracker fundamentals).