This information is for Vicon Tracker 4.0. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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Tracker enables you to export the currently viewed graph plots as CSV (comma separated values) files. For information on graph plots, see Graphing your data

To export data from graph plots to CSV:

  1. Ensure that the data you want to export is currently displayed in the Graph Plots view, and that you are either reviewing an offline clip (see Review captures) or are reviewing live data (press the space bar or click the Enter Review button at the bottom right of the Workspace).

  2. On the Graph Plots toolbar, click the Export button:

  3. In the Export to CSV dialog box, make any required changes to the settings:

    For information on the settings, see CSV export settings and for details about what is exported, see About the exported data.

CSV export settings

The settings for CSV export are displayed in the Export to CSV dialog box, which is available from the Graph Plots view (see Exporting data to CSV).

  • Export Filename: Enables you to view and change the current export path and filename
    • By default, the path and name are derived from the current capture name (live pause) or the name of the loaded review clip. To change the path and/or filename, browse to or enter the location and filename for the exported CSV file.
    • If analog channels that are running at a multiple of the system frame rate are included in the export selection, their data is saved into a separate file. This file is named:
    • If multiple devices at multiple frame rates are included, the data for each device is saved to its own separate file.
    • You may specify extensions other than .csv.
    • If the file(s) exists, you're given the option to overwrite or enter a new filename.
  • Range: Enables you to specify the export frame range
    • If you have paused live data, the frame range is a function of the Live data range (see Change the scale of graphed data) and the Device Synchronization Session (see Tracker fundamentals).

      To help interpret the range for paused live data, right-click on the x-axis label and make sure that Relative Time Display is not selected.

    • If you export data from an offline clip, the range corresponds to the length of the capture in frames. 
  • Delimiter: Enables you to select the separator of the data values in the export file, which can be:
    • Comma (,) – the default
    • A tab
  • Timestamp Format: Enables you to select the format of the timestamp value in the first column of the export data:
    • FrameIndex Produces two columns, giving the Vicon frame number, and sub frame corresponding to the sample (default). The first value corresponds to the frame number as displayed in the graph of the first sample of the selected range. 
    • Renumbered Frame Index Gives the same output as FrameIndex, but renumbered to start from 1, where 1 corresponds to the first sample of the selected range.
    • Time Produces a single column showing the time of the sample in seconds.
    • Renumbered Time Shows the time of the sample, but starts the selected range at 0 seconds.

About the exported data

The data exported consists of the currently displayed components of the pinned and selected channels displayed in the graph window.

  • The formats exported are as displayed in the graph. This applies to:
    • Units
    • Derivatives
  • The data is exported as a single sample per line, with channel components (ie, XYZ) as columns.
  • The header rows are:
    • Channel Name
    • Component Name
    • Units
  • Velocity channels are assigned to the row corresponding to the second sample of the window used to calculate the derivative.
    • The time value or frame number is half a sample greater than the actual time point of the velocity sample. 
    • For information on how velocities are calculated, see Derivatives in the Graph Plots reference

You can also export data to CSV via the Vicon Tracker API. For details of how to use the API, see the API documentation and example scripts in the Vicon Tracker Python API Quick Start Guide.