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This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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For information on issues addressed in each point release of Vicon Tracker 3, see:

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.9

  • Update to Camera Reprogramming Tool 1.3.2. This fixes a crash reported by a small number of customers
  • Ensures that displayed global angles are updated correctly when moving between live and offline modes, and when changing frame 
  • It is no longer possible to save the system file during camera calibration as this caused issues with reconstruction output.
  • Prevented object preset from being changed in GUI during capture to avoid incomplete change
  • Analytics messages in various places have been consolidated to reduce unnecessary data transmission

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.8

  • Tracker no longer stops when opening a file dialog box in some recent versions of Windows.
  • Improvement in the behavior of calibrate selected cameras.
  • Improvement in the reporting of the failure of individual cameras to calibrate.
  • Network latency is now available in datastream output.
  • Precision of values in CSV output is now fixed.
  • The datastream now shows output for a generic analog signal set up as a Force component.
  • Tracker Python SDK no longer conflicts with Nexus Python SDK when both are installed on the same machine.
  • You can now re-number the cameras by selecting Auto Number in Vicon Control.
  • Issues loading VSKs when Windows 10 version is updated to the 1809 Update and Windows Regional Setting is not English (United Kingdom) no longer occur.
  • Tracker no longer stops working on startup due to IP conflict when two identical IP addresses are detected.
  • Export CSV now correctly exports data containing occluded frames with commas in the output file.
  • Preview mode now works correctly for Vantage and Vero cameras.
  • Tracker no longer recenters the image position of a locked camera view if you cause the windowed area to be modified by changing system frame rate.
  • Re-calibrating with multiple cameras selected now re-calibrates all selected cameras.

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.7

  • Tracker no longer crashes when opening the Capture panel in Control 1.3

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.6

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.6.1

  • Objects loaded/created with spaces no longer produce unintended results.
  • Default reconstructions for 3.6 now produce the expected results.

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.6

  • Multiple small objects that are close together can now be tracked simultaneously.
  • The C++ example code that is supplied with the Vicon DataStream SDK and described in Accessing Vicon Tracker data from Simulink, now compiles and links successfully.  
  • Improvements in labeling for large object counts.

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.5

  • Enabling/disabling multiple selected Objects and Groups is now successful.
  • CSV export now exports unlabeled reconstructions.
  • Importing system files no longer results in a crashdump.
  • No crash on clicking Recalibrate object button.
  • You can now assign object filter type with previously problematic system files.
  • Tracker now takes a normal time to start when not connected to a network license server.
  • Low jitter parameters are now respected offline.
  • Playback no longer stops at midnight.
  • Apex now comes back after turning off in a live system.
  • Reading .xcp file containing 3-parameter Calibration model in older versions no longer causes incorrect behavior.

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.4

  • Add marker to object now works correctly.
  • Sound playback is not delayed.
  • Tracker now correctly delivers UDP items per packet.
  • Apex remains connected.
  • Revert view type no longer causes Tracker to hang.

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.3

  • The marker position parameter for objects no longer intermittently auto locks itself.
  • Improved the reliability of VPRN outputs for Apex devices to ensure they contain changes for button presses.
  • Improved the application start up time for Tracker if Bonjour has not been installed.
  • The DSP for a camera is now disabled when low jitter is enabled in the system file.
  • Corrected a behavior where the Set Origin command fails when the wand type is set to 5 Marker Wand & L-Frame.
  • Euler angles within the CSV Export operation are now output as axis angles.
  • The CSV Export operation now shows a progress bar.
  • You can now cancel CSV Export.
  • A memory leak while tracking for long periods has been addressed.
  • Calibration no longer fails silently if one or more disconnected cameras are present in the system.
  • Timecode is now correctly displayed in offline.
  • Improved the reliability of latency metrics that are displayed in a Graph view for high object count & high frame rate.
  •  Filtering offline now fully matches live behavior.
  • A behavior where you were unable to set an object’s marker local coordinates manually has been corrected.

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.2

  • Mask|Start grayed out with only three cameras.
  • Camera Attributes | Status | check marks in check boxes are difficult to see.
  • Pausing offline playback unlabels/labels after playback has paused.
  • Menu items have three different states.
  • Reconstructor can behave differently in 2.2 and 3.0.
  • Unresponsive state switching from Perspective to Graph view.

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.1

  • Auto masking cannot be limited to a subset of all cameras.
  • Analog data from Apex cuts out.

Addressed issues in Vicon Tracker 3.0

  • Misleading units on graph when multiple analog device outputs are selected.
  • Recorded trial holds old system configuration data.
  • Tracker 2.0 | Other Devices | Add Interaction Device | Re-adding previously seen but deleted devices can result in device not being added.
  • Offline performance issues.
  • Tracker | Options | Reflection is not working when Solid floor is selected.
  • Disconnect and reconnect of multiple Apex devices results in differences in segment names.
  • Tracker 2.1 | Objects | Object position and rotation properties are still grayed out in pause.
  • Tracker 2.1 | Objects | Object manipulation in offline appears broken directly after editing.
  • Tracker | Documentation | Using Chrome to open contents causes continued reloading of page.