Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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Tracker is part of the fully integrated and expandable Vicon system that lets you build an architecture best suited to your motion capture application.

In the following architecture diagrams, Tracker is installed on the host PC.

For further information on how to set up a Vicon system, see Vicon system configuration and connection examples.

Vicon Vantage system architecture

T-Series system architecture

Bonita system architecture

About Tracker system components

Except where noted, references to Vicon Lock, Lock units, and Lock apply to all current models of the Vicon Lock unit (at the time of publication, this includes Vicon Lock+, Vicon Lock Studio and Vicon Lock Lab).

You can include the following components in a Vicon Tracker system architecture:

Vicon Viper and ViperX camerasViper cameras and ViperX cameras can be used with Tracker.
You can use Viper and ViperX cameras in systems running Tracker 3.8 and later.
Vicon Vero camerasVicon Vero cameras (v1.3 and v2.2) can be used with Tracker.
You can use Vicon Vero cameras in existing systems consisting of Bonita cameras, Vantage cameras, and/or MX T-Series cameras, but note that they cannot be connected to a Giganet.
Vicon Vantage cameras
Vantage cameras (V16, V8, and V5) can be used with Tracker.
You can integrate existing systems consisting of Bonita cameras and/or MX T-Series cameras into a Vantage system.
See also What's New in Vicon Tracker, Vicon Vantage Quick Start Guide and the Vicon Vantage Reference.
Bonita camerasBonita Optical cameras can be used with Tracker.
From Tracker 2.2 and later, your Tracker system can include both Vicon Bonita Optical cameras (B3, B10) and MX T-Series cameras (T10, T20, T40, T160).
See also Connecting cameras and Setting up a mixed Vicon camera system.
Caution: The use of mixed systems that include Vicon cameras older than T-Series and Bonita is not supported and is at your own risk.
MX T-Series cameras

MX T-Series cameras (T160, T40-S, T20-S, T10-S, T10) can be used with Tracker

See also Connecting cameras.
Vicon Connectivity unitsSmart boxes that can be combined to create a distributed architecture, enabling you to customize the number of Vicon cameras:
  • Vicon Lock: Facilitates the integration of synchronous third-party equipment with Vicon Vantage and Vicon Bonita cameras by providing or receiving synchronization and/or timecode. Lock+ and Lock Lab also provide connectivity for third-party analog capture sources, such as force plates and EMG equipment. Connects to a PoE switch to which Vicon cameras and the host PC are connected.
  • MX Giganet: Link between  Vicon cameras (Bonita and T-Series) and the host PC, with a 5-port Ethernet switch for connection to the host PC, and other client PCs. Can be integrated into a Vantage system.
Vicon Lock+, Vicon Lock Lab, Vicon Lock Studio, and the T-Series hardware units are RoHS-compliant.
See also About Vicon connectivity units.
Host PCThe main PC in the Vicon system, with at least one dedicated Ethernet port to enable Vicon system communications (in addition to any other network ports on the PC). Vicon Tracker application software is installed on this PC. Remote PCs may be used for other Vicon application software or third-party applications connected to the host PC via Ethernet.
Vicon cablesProprietary Vicon cables plus commercially available Ethernet cables connect Vicon system components, providing a combination of power, Ethernet communication, synchronization signals, video signals, and data.
Vicon ApexHand-held tracking device that enables you to interact with virtual objects in a 3D environment. See also About Vicon Apex devices.
Vicon calibration deviceSpecialized device used to accurately calibrate the Vicon system.
Vicon accessoriesSupplies for the Vicon system, including markers, tape, and Velcro.
Vicon engineering softwareVicon Tracker software, DataStream SDK and Vicon Virtual System.
Additional analog devicesDepending on your licensing options, your Vicon system may also include one or more additional devices, such as LVDTs, accelerometers, and load cells.
See also Set up analog devices.

For further details on these components, see the Vicon Vantage Reference Guide, Go Further with Vicon MX T-Series reference book and/or the Vicon Bonita Quick Start Guide.