Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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You can configure the way certain areas of Tracker look and behave by configuring settings in the Properties pane. The properties you can configure depend on what is selected in the Resources pane or the Options dialog box.

Some properties settings are automatically saved, so Tracker remembers them in subsequent sessions. You must explicitly save other settings using the configuration management controls for the relevant area of the Tracker window.

To configure Properties settings:

  1. In the Tracker window, click on the relevant tab or open the dialog box containing the properties you want to configure:
    • For system components, in the Resources pane, click the System tab.
    • For motion capture objects, in the Resources pane, click the Objects tab.
    • For view options, press F7 to open the Options dialog box.
  2. In the Properties pane, click the Show Advanced link to view all of the available properties.
  3. Click the Hide Advanced link to show just the basic properties.
  4. In the Properties pane, view or change the setting for the required property using its entry field or control:
    • Select or clear a check box to switch the property on or off.
    • Click the current color in the entry field to display the Select color dialog box. In the Basic colors area, click the square for the required color, or in the Custom colors area, define a new color.
    • Click the drop-down arrow and select an entry from the list.
    • Move the slider to the left to decrease the value or to the right to increase the value displayed in the entry field.
    • Overtype the existing value.
  5. If you are working in the following areas of the Tracker window, save your settings to the appropriate configuration file using the configuration management controls:
    • System tab
    • View pane
    • Options dialog box