Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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To start the Apex, ensure it is sufficiently charged (see the Vicon Apex User Guide) and its bluetooth dongle is plugged into the relevant computer, then switch it on in the capture volume. The LEDs on the Apex flash until it is synchronized with the cameras.

You will only be able to use an Apex with Tracker if you have the required license. For more information, contact Vicon Support.

To set up an Apex to work with Tracker:

  1. Ensure Tracker is booted up, the Apex's bluetooth dongle is plugged in and the Apex is charged and switched on.
  2. To add the Apex to the current configuration, on the System tab in the Resources pane, right-click Devices and then click Add Apex Device.
  3. In the Add Apex Devices dialog box, select the device to add and click Add.
    After a few seconds, the Apex appears on the System tab. Its name is displayed in the General area of the Properties pane.
    In the capture volume, the tracking LEDs on the device illuminate and object tracking begins.
  4. To check that the Apex is working correctly, in the view pane, select Graph view and operate the joystick and buttons. The graphs show the current status of the joystick (the top two graphs are the x and y views) and the buttons.
  5. To change the way the Apex works, use the relevant control in the Properties pane:

    To do thisUse this control
    Make the LEDs brighter or dimmerLED Intensity
    Change the LEDs to be on continuouslyContinuous Mode
    Turn on or off the tracking LEDs after the number of minutes specified in the Sleep Timeout box.Sleep
    If Sleep is selected, specify the number of minutes of inactivity by the joystick or buttons after which the tracking LEDs are turned off. To reactivate the LEDs, touch the joystick or buttons.Sleep Timeout (min)
    Turn the status indicator LEDs on or offStatus Indicators*
    Change the orientation of the device's coordinate systemOrientation*
    Use haptics to identify an Apex in the capture volumeIdentify
    Cause the Apex to vibrate briefly whenever one of its buttons is pressedHaptic Feedback*
    Change the filtering that is applied to the selected Apex device. For more information on filtering types, see Creating an object.Filtering Type*

    * Requires updated device firmware 3RC

  6. To enable Tracker to remember the device that you have added in future sessions, save the current configuration, using the configuration management controls at the top of the System tab.