Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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To use the Reorder Devices dialog box to change the order in which Vicon devices are displayed:

  • On the System tab, right-click the Vicon Cameras node or Devices node and then click Reorder.

In the Reorder Devices dialog box, choose from the following options:

Move UpMoves the selected item up one position in the list
Move DownMoves the selected item down one position in the list
SortSorts the list of devices according to name and type. Remembered devices are at the bottom of the list.
CleanRemoves the entries for the devices that are not used or referred to (Remembered devices) in the current session.
RevertUndoes all the changes you have made in this dialog box since you last clicked OK.