Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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You specify your requirements for recording live trials on the Recording tab. If you use the same setup each time, you can make subsequent recordings just by clicking the Start button.

To record trial data:

  1. Ensure your system is connected and calibrated and that Tracker is in Live mode.
  2. In the Resources pane, click the Recording tab.
  3. In the Location area, select whether your trial will be saved as Shared or Private files.
  4. In the Trial Name box, enter a name for the new trial. If you want a number to be automatically appended to the file name, ensure Auto Increment Trial Number is selected.
  5. If you want existing captured trial data in the same folder to be overwritten when a new trial is saved, select the Permit Overwrite of Existing Files box.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • If you don't want to select any further parameters, go to step 7; or
    • If your trial requires any further setup, for example, if you are using remote triggering, click Show Parameters and supply the necessary information:
      • Start/Stop on Remote Trigger  To use a remote trigger to control capturing start and stop times, select this check box. The remote device must be connected to your Vicon system via a Giganet.
      • Capture before Start (secs)  To capture data before the capture start is triggered either manually (by clicking Start) or automatically (based on a remote trigger), select this check box and enter the required number of seconds.
      • Stop after Duration (secs)  To end the trial automatically after a specified number of seconds, select this check box and enter the required number of seconds.
      • Start/Stop over Network  To make a UDP broadcast to a third-party application that capture has started or stopped, select this check box and from the adjacent drop-down list, select Send or Receive. In the Address list, either select the IP address of the network card that will be used to send or receive the start/stop trigger message, or select All. In the adjacent field, specify the UDP port which is to send or receive the message. For information on the format of UDP broadcast and trigger notifications, see UDP capture broadcast/trigger.
      • Arm button  To set the system to a state where it is ready to accept a trigger signal for automatic capture based on a signal broadcast over the network from a remote device, click this button. If you want to enable the system to remain ready to receive subsequent network signals after the capture is stopped, click the Lock button to the right of the Arm button.
  7. When you are ready to begin recording, click Start.
    The Frames Captured number increases as frames are captured.
    If you did not specify a number of seconds in the Stop after Duration box or if you decide to end the capture before the specified time, click Stop when you have finished capturing.
    To abandon the trial without saving any data, click Cancel.

You can play back the captured trial immediately.