Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

Vicon Tracker banner

You control Tracker using the mouse and keyboard.

To see a list of all current hot keys, on the Help menu, click Hotkeys.

Controlling Tracker's appearance and behavior

Use the following keys to control the way Tracker looks and behaves.

Display the installed Vicon Tracker User Guide (PDF)F1
Display full screen view for the selected view paneF5
Display/Close Sounds dialog boxF6
Display/Close Options dialog boxF7
Create named object from selected reconstructionsCTRL+E
Reboot Core ProcessorCTRL+R
Resynchronize the systemCTRL+SHIFT+R
Save AllCTRL+S
Pause Live/Play OfflineSpace
Select previous camera[
Select next camera]
Unset all cameras' Bumped statusCTRL+SHIFT+B
Translate objectT
Rotate objectR

Moving between frames

Go to frameCTRL+G
Move to next frameRight arrow
Move to last frameLeft arrow
Move to first frameHome
Move to last frameEnd
Move forward 10 framesPgUp
Move backward 10 framesPgDown

Moving the camera viewpoint

Use the mouse and keyboard to move the camera viewpoint in 3D Perspective, 3D Orthogonal, and Camera view panes.

Dolly/ZoomMove camera viewpoint closer to or further away from the focal pointRight-click + drag forward or backward
OrbitMove camera viewpoint around the focal pointLeft-click + drag left, right, forward, or backward
Truck/TranslateMove camera viewpoint along a horizontal or vertical axesClick wheel button + drag left, right, forward, or backward
Zoom to sensor windowZoom the camera viewpoint to the sensor windowCTRL+SHIFT+Z

Viewing the X- and Y-Axis

Use the mouse to view the x- and y-axis in a Graph view pane.

ActionKeys and mouse
Slide x-axis leftClick wheel button + drag left
Slide x-axis rightClick wheel button + drag right
Slide y-axis upClick wheel button + drag forward
Slide y-axis downClick wheel button + drag backward
Zoom x-axis inRight-click + drag left
Zoom x-axis outRight-click + drag right
Zoom y-axis inRight-click + drag backward
Zoom y-axis outRight-click + drag forward

Zooming an axis (x or y)

All graph components in a single workspace maintain the same scale for both the x-and y-axes. The x-axis is shared across all components, but each component has its own y-axis. The y-axis may show different ranges, but represent the same number of values.

On the x-axis, the workspace is centered around zero, keeping the zero on the right edge of the workspace and changing the values displayed on the left.