Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

Vicon Tracker banner

You can customize the appearance of the Tracker window to suit your preferences, using any of the following procedures. The Tracker window maintains these settings until you adjust them again.

Undock and dock Resources or Communications panes

To undock Resources or Communications panes:

  • Click the Dock Pane button on the right side of the pane title bar.

To dock Resources or Communication panes:

  • Double-click the pane title bar. The pane is docked in its last fixed position.

Move the Resources or Communications panes

  1. Click and hold the pane title bar and drag the pane to the desired location in the Tracker window.
  2. Drop the pane anywhere in the window to change it into a floating pane.

Resize the Resources or Communications panes

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the inside edge of the pane or the top edge of a section so that the pointer becomes a double-headed arrow and drag to resize as needed.
  2. Click and drag the arrow to move the split line left or right to resize the pane width, or up and down to resize the section height.

Hide or display the Resources or Communications panes

  1. Click the Close Pane button on the right side of the pane title bar.
  2. From the Window menu, clear the required option to hide the Resources or Communications pane and select the appropriate option to display the required pane.

Hide or display sections within the Resources panes

  • Click the Hide Section arrow or the Display Section arrow to the right of the section heading.
The view pane cannot be undocked or repositioned in the Tracker window. You can open a separate floating view pane by selecting the New floating workspace option from the Window menu. This floating workspace can be repositioned and resized.