Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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On the Calibrate tab in the Camera Calibration Feedback section, you can view the camera calibration processing and status information. Camera Calibration Feedback contains the following components:

Progress barThis bar displays a percentage indicating the progress of the overall camera calibration process.
CameraThis column contains the device ID for each Vicon camera being calibrated.
Wand CountFor each Vicon camera, this value identifies the number of frames it has captured containing the calibration object. Initially, the entry for the number of wand frames is displayed in red; the entry turns green when Vicon Tracker has acquired enough wand data to calibrate that camera (by default 1000 frames). Because Auto Stop is not selected by default, the calibration process only stops when you click the Stop button. If you have selected Auto Stop, the calibration process stops when the Vicon camera with the lowest frame count reaches the number of frames specified in the Refinement Frames field in the Calibrate Cameras section.
World ErrorDisplays the calibration error in millimeters. World error is calculated per camera from the Image Error in pixels and the distance of the camera to the center of the volume. Cameras further away, with the same image error, display a larger world error.
Image ErrorThis value (in RMS distance in camera pixels) indicates the accuracy of the 3D reconstruction of the markers. This value represents the difference between the 2D image of each marker on the camera sensor and the 3D reconstructions of those markers projected back to the camera's sensor. Acceptable values depend on factors such as camera type. the size of the capture volume, and the camera lens type.

To sort the columns, click the required column heading.