Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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The view pane enables you to view the data of one or more cameras. In the view pane, you view the objects selected in the Resources pane during any stage of the Tracker workflow. Depending on the type of view pane selected, there are additional lists and buttons available to you to manage the display options for that type of view pane.

By default, the view pane is above the Communication pane and to the right of the Resources pane. You cannot detach or change the position of this pane, but you can resize it. In addition, you can open a new floating workspace that can be displayed on a second monitor, if required.

The view pane contains the following components:

Configuration management controls

Enables you manage the configurations that you create in the view pane. Saved configurations include the layout of view panes as well as any cameras, hardware devices, and object components selected in the Resources pane, on the System tab, the Calibration tab, the Objects tab, and/or the Recording tab when the configuration was created.

View pane list
The view pane list allows you to configure the way in which you view Tracker data. Select from the following types of view panes:
3D Perspective
Reconstructed motion capture data from all active Vicon cameras in 3D.
3D Orthogonal
Motion capture data in 3D viewed from a specified point of sight or direction of the capture volume.
Raw 2D motion capture data from an individual Vicon camera.
Various values of one or more selected items, such as the x, y, and z components of a marker trajectory, plotted against each other or against time.

Split view buttons

By default, a single view pane is displayed in the workspace.
Specify the number of view panes using the following buttons:
Split the current view horizontally into two view panes.
Split the current view vertically into two view panes.
Close the current view pane. You cannot close the default view pane in the center of the Tracker window.
View pane time bar

Enables you to play back recorded trials. Click More or right-click the time bar to access further options for examining recorded trial data:

Zoom to TrialAfter zooming in to a selected range, resets the time bar scale to include the whole trial.
Zoom to Region-of-InterestAfter zooming out, resets the time bar scale to zoom in to the selected range.
Set Current FrameOpens the Go to Frame dialog box, in which you can specify the required frame. When you click OK, the current time indicator moves to the specified frame.
Play Every FrameWhen selected, the datastream ships all frames. (Rendering is unaffected.) Select this option only if you want to run calculations on datastream data.
Replay SpeedEnables you to select from preset options or to specify your own custom speed.

To select a region of interest, drag the beginning and end markers (small green triangles) to the start and end of the required range.

To return the markers to their original positions at the start and end of the trial, double-click them.