Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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Calibration is a two-stage process by which Vicon Tracker calibrates the cameras based on specialized calibration objects (whose dimensions and relative marker positions are known):

  1. Calibrating cameras  During the first stage, the Tracker camera calibration process calculates the physical position and orientation of each Vicon camera in the capture volume based on the movement of the calibration object. Tracker uses this information to determine each camera's physical position and orientation in the capture volume and correct for any lens distortion.
  2. Setting volume origin  During the second stage, you set the volume origin in Tracker. Tracker measures the position of the calibration object and uses this information to identify the origin of the world and its horizontal and vertical axes. These volume origin and axes are referred to as the global coordinate system. The global axes coordinates are given in the form (x, y, z), where x is a horizontal axis, y is the horizontal axis perpendicular to x, and z is the vertical axis.

The Calibrate tab contains the following sections:

Create Camera MasksAutomatically create cameras masks to obscure all reflections visible to the Vicon cameras. For more information, see Creating camera masks automatically and Creating camera masks manually.
Calibrate CamerasCalibrate the Vicon cameras to determine their positions, orientations, and lens properties, which enables Tracker to produce accurate 3D data from motion data captured throughout the capture volume. For more information, see Calibrate Vicon cameras.
Set Volume OriginDefine the global origin and the axes of the world (in the context of the capture volume). For more information, see Calibrate Vicon cameras.
Manage Camera CalibrationReset, load, or save camera calibration defining settings for the Vicon cameras in your Tracker system. For more information, see Calibrate Vicon cameras.
Camera Calibration FeedbackView system calibration processing progress and status information. For more information, see Calibrate Vicon cameras.