Tracker legacy documentation:

This information is for Vicon Tracker 3.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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You can only use an Apex with Tracker if you have the required license. To check your current licensing options, from the Help menu, click About Vicon Tracker and in the window, click the Feature Details button. After a few seconds, the currently licensed options are listed. To change your licensing options, contact Vicon Support.

To add an Apex to your Vicon system:

  1. Complete the following steps in the order shown:
    1. Ensure the Apex is sufficiently charged (see the Vicon Apex User Guide) and switch it on in the capture volume.
    2. Plug the Apex's bluetooth dongle into the relevant computer.
    3. Start Tracker.
  2. After a few seconds, on the System tab, right-click the Devices node, click Add Apex Device, and in the Add Apex Devices dialog box, select the required device and click Add.
    On the System tab, the selected Apex is displayed under the Apex Device node.
  3. To display all the Apex settings, ensure the Apex is selected on the System tab and if necessary, at the top right of the Properties pane, click Show Advanced.

The following controls are available in the Properties pane:

GeneralNameA name that uniquely identifies the selected Apex. The default name is of the format ViconAP_nnn. If required, you can change the name of the Apex.
Delay Compensation (s)An adjustment (in seconds) to allow for any delay in the datastream. The default is 0.
LED IntensityEnables you to change the brightness of the LEDs. The default is 2; the brightest setting is 3.
Continuous ModeEnables you to change the LEDs to be on continuously, instead of being strobed. If you select this setting, to reduce power consumption, the LED Intensity is automatically set to 1. For further reduction of power consumption, see also Sleep and Sleep Timeout (below).
SleepWhen selected, enables the device to turn off the tracking LEDs after the number of minutes of inactivity specified in the Sleep Timeout box.
Sleep Timeout (min)If Sleep is selected, enables you to specify the number of minutes of inactivity by the joystick or buttons after which the tracking LEDs are turned off. To reactivate the LEDs, touch the joystick or buttons.
Status IndicatorsIf cleared, the two flashing status LEDs on the top of the Apex are switched off. Requires updated device firmware 3RC.
IdentifyCauses the selected Apex to vibrate, enabling it to be easily identified.
OrientationEnables you to select from orientation options for the device coordinate system.
Haptic FeedbackIf selected, every time you press any of the five buttons on the Apex device, it vibrates briefly. Requires updated device firmware 3RC.
Filtering Type
Enables you to specify the filtering type for the selected Apex device. For more information on filtering types, see Creating an object.
InformationSerial NumberThe four-digit serial number of the Apex. This number is also visible on a sticker on the device.
Bluetooth IdentityThe Bluetooth serial number of the Apex.
PCB RevisionThe hardware revision number of the Apex.
Mechanics RevisionThe mechanics code of the Apex.
Firmware RevisionThe firmware revision number of the Apex.

For more information, see: