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The Vicon camera calibration process describes the capture volume to the system, enabling Tracker to determine the positions, orientations, and lens properties of all the Vicon cameras. Tracker uses this information to produce precise 3D data. During the camera calibration process, Vicon Tracker creates a calibration parameters (xcp) file. This file contains the calibration settings and threshold data specified for the Vicon cameras in your Tracker system and is used when data from these cameras is processed.

To perform a Vicon camera calibration, you need an Active Wand, which is supplied with your Vicon tracking system.

To calibrate Vicon cameras in Tracker:

  1.  In the view pane, display a Camera view.
  2.  On the System tab in the Resources pane, expand the Vicon Cameras node and select all Vicon cameras.
  3. On the Calibrate tab, from the Wand drop-down list select the type of dynamic calibration object you are using.
  4. In the Calibrate Cameras section, view or change settings for the required parameters (if required, click Show Advanced to reveal additional settings), ensuring that you select the appropriate option from the Calibration Type list: Full Calibration or Calibration Refinement.
  5. In the Calibrate Cameras section, click Start. The camera calibration process starts, and the Start button switches to its Stop setting.
  6.  In the capture volume, wave the calibration wand throughout the area where you intend to track cameras or objects within the studio, ensuring that the markers on the calibration object are visible to the cameras. 
  7. In each Camera view pane, check the display of colored lines identifying wand frames, ensuring that a good number of wand frames are spread across the intended 3D capture volume.
  8. On the Calibrate tab, in the Camera Calibration Feedback section, check the Wand Count values returned for each Vicon camera.
  9. In the Calibrate Vicon Cameras section, click Stop. Vicon Tracker automatically starts processing the camera calibration data.
  10. In the Camera Calibration Feedback section, monitor the progress bar until the camera calibration process is complete and review the Wand Count and Image Error data. As a general guideline, Tracker typically takes 15-60 seconds to complete its calculations for a typical Vicon system setup. When the Vicon camera calibration has successfully completed, it is automatically saved to an xcp file.