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The setup of the tracking system is best undertaken initially by trained Vicon personnel and the following best practices will be followed and communicated during training.


Placement of the tracking cameras

  • Place cameras to provide a good view of the objects mounted on the cameras. Correct placement enables Vicon Tracker to determine the location of each marker on the camera object. Take care to choose a location that minimizes merging of the markers in camera views.
  • Typically (with an object mounted horizontally on top of the camera) the cameras should be mounted as high as possible.

Setup of the tracking cameras

  • Balance camera apertures to:
    • Give images of the markers that are just saturated when placed in the center of the tracking volume of the studio
    • Not show significant visible reflection from studio lighting or other items in the tracking volume
  • In Tracker, set Thresholds between 0.1 and 0.3.
  • Forward focus cameras on markers at distances that represent locations in which the broadcast cameras are likely to be tracked.

General Tracker software settings

  • Low jitter mode must be enabled.
  • In production use, Track mode must be enabled.
  • Filtering is not normally required.