This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.8. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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The Vicon Shogun Post Script Editor is a handy pane that makes writing or editing Shogun HSL scripts easier. Use it to create, execute, and debug script commands to automate frequently used tasks or process complex data.

Use the buttons on the Script Editor toolbar for creating and managing HSL scripts, and to customize the display font and hot keys. Right-click and select commands for rapid access to basic Script Editor editing functions from the Script Editor shortcut menu.

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Open the Script Editor

To display or hide the Script Editor:

Do one of the following:

  • On the status bar, click the Script Editor button.


  • Ribbon > Panels tab > Script Editor

Use the Script Editor toolbar

Use the toolbar at the top of the Script Editor to create and manage HSL scripts and customize the display font and hot keys.

Use the following commands and controls on the Script Editor toolbar:

Script management commands

Create a new script
Open an existing script in the edit area below the toolbar
Close the current script
Close All 
Close all open files
Save the current script
Save As
Save the current script as a new script file
Save All
Save all open files

Script creation and execution commands

Run the current script.
Record Actions
Start recording actions to include in the current script. The clicks and keystrokes you make while recording get turned into Shogun Post commands.
Command Dialog
Display the Script Viewer, in which you can select from all the available Shogun Post commands. For a selected script, you can use the Copy Syntax, Copy Keyword, and or Edit Script buttons.
Run Selection
Execute just the selected portion of the current script.This is handy during debugging when you want to find out which statements work and which do not.

Customize Script Editor display and hot keys

Change font
Change the font family, style and size used to display scripts in the Script Editor.
Change hot keys
Change the Script Editor hot keys assigned to listed commands or reset hot keys to their default settings.

Script debugging commands

Toggle Script Debugging
Enter or exit debugging mode, which displays additional buttons that make debugging more advanced scripts easier:

Toggle Breakpoint
Set or clear breakpoints in the script

Clear Breakpoints
Clear breakpoints in current script

Clear All Breakpoints
Clear breakpoints in all scripts

Step Over
Skip a specified breakpoint

Step Into
Execute the command at a specified breakpoint

Use the Script Editor shortcut menu

Use the Script Editor shortcut (right-click) menu for rapid access to editing functions.

Use these commands on the Script Editor shortcut menu:

CutCut the selected text from the Script Editor and transfer to the Windows clipboard.
CopyCopy the selected text from the Script Editor to the Windows clipboard.
PastePaste text from the Windows clipboard to the location indicated by the cursor in the Script Editor.
FindLocates selected text in the Script Editor. This function is case-sensitive.
ReplaceReplaces selected Find text with the specified text.
UndoCancel the last Script Editor operation.
RedoReinstated the previous Undo operation.