This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Sets the Shogun Post system and scene rate.

This command controls the hardware system and scene rates. It enables you to specify the rate standard to be one of the industry standard types (e.g. "ntsc" or "pal"), or to run at some arbitrary frame rate (using the "other" rate type). If you are connected to a Vicon system, calling this command will update the rate that the system runs at.

Functional area


Command syntax


setFrameRate "rateType" fps


rateTypestringyesSpecify the frame rate type. Valid values are "ntsc", "ntscDrop", "pal", "film", "filmNtsc" and "other"
fpsfloatyesThe frames per second of the scene rate. The rate will be rounded to the closest compatible rate for the given rate type (or standard). For instance, if rateType is "ntsc" and you specify "120" for the rate, the rate will get adjusted to 119.88. This rounding does not happen if the standard is "other".



Return value



// We want our base rate to be ntsc film (23.976) 
// But the system rate to be a multiple of that.
setFrameRate "filmNtsc" 119.88;

Additional information

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