This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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This command is used to reassemble a set of .c3d files generated by splitting the reconstruction of a take into smaller chunks (see reconstructChunk). For example, a long capture session of 10,000 frames can be reconstructed on five different machines in parallel, each machine processing a different set of 2000 frames. The resulting files can then be reassembled into a single .c3d file using this command.

By default, this command reparents the markers to the first character in the scene, and deletes any other characters in the scene.

Functional area

Data editing

Command syntax


reassemble "fileArray"[-tolerance integer] [-minGap integer] [-packEach] [-vLabel] [-reparent boolean]


fileArraystringyesList of files to be reassembled


NameFlag argumentsArgument typeExclusive toComments
tolerance1integerMaximum number of frames that may overlap between source files when reassembling. The default is 25 frames.
minGap1integerThe minimum number of frames needed between two markers' data ranges when packing markers.
packEach0vLabelUse this option to pack markers during the read operation on each file, rather than after all the markers have been read in.
vLabel0packEachSet this option to use velocity labeling, which blends transitions in marker positions between the different file data.
reparent0booleanSet to true to reparent all markers to first character (deleting all other characters in the scene).

Return value



// Divide up a long reconstruction
reconstructChunk "Take1.x2d" 0 2005 -fileName "Chunk1.c3d";
reconstructChunk "Take1.x2d" 2000 4005 -fileName "Chunk2.c3d";
reconstructChunk "Take1.x2d" 4000 6005 -fileName "Chunk3.c3d";
reconstructChunk "Take1.x2d" 6000 8005 -fileName "Chunk4.c3d";
reconstructChunk "Take1.x2d" 8000 10000 -fileName "Chunk5.c3d";
reassemble "Chunk1.c3d" "Chunk2.c3d" "Chunk3.c3d" "Chunk4.c3d" "Chunk5.c3d";

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