This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Retrieves the draw color of various elements in Shogun Post, as defined in the Preferences.

Use default to get the default color of a module when it is created. Modules draw in this color if they aren't selected and have data for the active clip.

Use selected to get the color that selected modules are drawn in.

Use primarySelected to get the color that the primary selection is drawn.

Use markerLines to get the default color of connection lines between markers, if one isn't specified.

Functional area

Data retrieval

Command syntax


getColor selected | primarySelected | default | markerLines


strstringyesCan be one of the following values: selected, primarySelected, default, or markerLines.
See Description above for more information about each value.



Return value

integer array


// Get the various element draw colors.
int $color[];
$color = `getColor "default"`;
print $color;
$color = `getColor "selected"`;
print $color;
$color = `getColor "primarySelected"`;
print $color;
$color = `getColor "markerLines"`;
print $color;