This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Finds and moves to the next group of selected keys on the currently selected nodes.

The findSelectedKeys command moves the time bar indicator to the beginning frame of the next key selection on the given group of markers (looking forward in time).

In situations where you've selected keys procedurally by using commands such as findNonRigid or findBadData, findSelectedKeys allows you to quickly queue the time bar indicator to the next group of selected keys.

Functional area

Data retrieval

Command syntax


findSelectedKeys [-b]




NameFlag argumentsArgument typeExclusive toComments
b0Searches backward in time instead of forward in time.

Return value



// In this example, all of the keys on the markers LTOE and 
// RTOE that are beneath the "floor" (Z values in a Z-up environment
// are less than 100 millimeters) are selected. With findSelectedKeys
// assigned to a hot key, you can quickly cycle through the sets of
// selected keys.
select LTOE RTOE;
findPlaneCrossing 0 0 100 0 0 1;

Additional information

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