This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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fillGaps operates on selected markers to fill all gaps found within the selected input curves. This command has a number of options that are extremely useful for the flexible handling of marker occlusions.

This command contains a collection of tools to address missing translation keyframes of data usually found in raw optical motion capture data. One of the most useful of these is fillGaps -rigid -all, which uses knowledge about the relationships of certain markers to one another to intelligently fill in missing translation data. This option if also flexible since the user can apply a rigid fill based on any selected markers in the scene.

Functional area

Data editing

Command syntax


fillGaps [-all] [-ranges] [-rigid] [-useCurrentFrame] [-primaryOnly] [-maxGapWidth integer] [-labelingConstraints] [-solvingConstraints] [-rangesOnly] [-noWarning] [-minRigidRange integer integer]




NameFlag argumentsArgument typeExclusive toComments
all0ranges, rangesOnlyFill all gaps on selected properties of selected nodes.
ranges0all, rangesOnlyFill gaps within the selected time ranges.
rigid0constraintsApplies a rigid body solution to all selected markers to fill all gap(s) in the selection. Can often be successfully used on several selected objects that are not very rigid across an entire move. Shogun warns you when more than 9 markers are selected due to calculation overhead.
useCurrentFrame0Bases rigid body calculations on the current frame rather than letting Shogun pick an optimal rigid body definition (Only used in conjunction with the -rigid option).
primaryOnly0Fills gaps on the primary selection only.
maxGapWidth1integerFills only gaps in which the gap duration in terms of consecutive keys is less than this number.
Fills gap(s) as dictated by the offset from the BoneNode attached to.
Fills gap(s) as dictated by the offset from the BoneNode attached to.
rangesOnly0all, ranges
noWarning0Suppresses the warning generated when the number of markers selected for a rigid fill exceeds 9.

Return value



fillGaps -rigid -all;
// Execution of this command will result in:
// a) the temporary application of a rigid body solution based
// upon the selected markers
// b) the identification of gaps within the selection set, and
// c) the application of data held within the temp markers in the
// rigid body solution to gaps in the original markers across the
// entire play range.
// This command will not overwrite any data pertaining to the selected
// markers, it merely fills in data where it is found to be missing.

fillGaps -maxGapWidth 5;
// Fill all gaps in the selection set that are 4 keys or
// less in duration.

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