This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Creates a script which can be used to recreate the current scene in Shogun Post.

Use createSceneScript to output a Shogun Post script, saving out the current scene modules and animation.

The generated output script can be run to recreate the exact scene that was saved out, or the script can be edited and used for more generic automatic creation of scene elements. The command can be run with a number of arguments to determine what is contained in the output script. For example, using the –defaultOnly flag, modules can be output into the script with no animation.

The output script can be written to a file or to the Script Editor. If the command is run with no arguments then the output script file will be written to the default path. (typically C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vicon\ShogunPost#.#).

Functional area


Command syntax


createSceneScript [-file string] [-interface] [-defaultOnly] [-curTimeOnly] [-playRangeOnly] [-activeClipOnly] [-selectedOnly] [-relativeTime]




NameFlag argumentsArgument typeExclusive toComments
file1stringWrites the output script to a given file path.
interface0Writes the output script to the Script Editor panel.
defaultOnly0curTimeOnly, playRangeOnly, activeClipOnly, relativeTimeCreates a script with module information only. No animation data is saved.
curTimeOnly0defaultOnly, playRangeOnlyAnimation data is saved in the script from the current frame only.
playRangeOnly0curTimeOnly, defaultOnlyAnimation data is saved in the script from the play range only. Otherwise data is saved from the animation range.
activeClipOnly0defaultOnlyAnimation data is saved from the active clip only. Otherwise all clips are saved in the script.
selectedOnly0Only selected modules are saved in the script. Animation data for those modules will be saved unless the defaultOnly flag is also used.
relativeTime0---defaultOnlyThe output script will ensure that when it is run, any animation data will start at the current frame.

Return value



//save out a script to recreate the current Shogun Post scene
createSceneScript –file "c:/scene1.hsl";

//save out a script to recreate the current Shogun Post scene
// with no animation
createSceneScript –file "c:/scene2.hsl" –defaultOnly;

//save out a script to recreate the currently selected modules
//for the play range only
createSceneScript –file "c:/scene3.hsl" –selectedOnly –playRangeOnly;