This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Sets the 3D workspace view pane properties.

The cameraView command provides navigational flexibility within the 3D working environment. You can also decide whether to show certain elements of the scene like the active clip only, floor grid lines, etc.

Here are the meanings of the -track flag values:

allCamera tracks all nodes in the scene
selectedCamera tracks selected nodes in the scene and changes the objects it tracks as you change selection
primaryCamera tracks the primary selected node in the scene and changes the object it tracks as you change the primary selection
objectsCamera tracks the selected nodes in the scene and continues to track them until you call cameraView -track "objects" again

Functional area


Command syntax


cameraView [-track string] [-showAllClips boolean] [-floor boolean] [-axis boolean] [-zUp boolean] [-pointSize float] [-snapSelected] [-snapPrimary] [-connectLines boolean] [-resetLines] [-resetCamera] [-switchCamera string] [-levelCamera] [-trails boolean] [-pastTrails integer] [-futureTrails integer] [-allViews] [-inactiveErrorLines boolean] [-gapDim integer] [-keyMode boolean] [-gapConnections boolean] [-useClipColor boolean] [-halo boolean] [-gridSize float] [-gridSizeX float] [-gridSizeZ float] [-gridSpacing float] [-displayText boolean] [-displayCharacterText boolean] [-gapSelect boolean] [-lock boolean] [-contributionMode boolean] [-markerRadius boolean] [-displayTrajCount boolean]




NameFlag argumentsArgument typeExclusive toComments
track1stringSet the object tracking type. Valid types are "none", "all", "selected", "primary", "objects", and "cycle". See Description section for meaning of each type.
showAllClips1booleanShow all clips or just the active clip in the current view. Objects of inactive clips will display in their clip color rather than the objects' own color.
floor1booleanTurn floor grid display on/off
axis1booleanTurns the world axis indicator in the bottom left of the 3D View on and off
zUp1booleanSet Shogun Post to operate in Z-Up mode (Y-Up if turned off).
pointSize1floatSet marker display size in pixels.
snapSelected0Snap view to center of selected items.
snapPrimary0Snap view to center of primary selected item.
connectLines1booleanTurn display of marker connectivity on/off.
resetLines0Clears marker connecting lines on selected markers.
resetCamera0Resets the cameras view to it's default state.
switchCamera1stringTo switch from one camera to another, default switch to the "view" switch to the default view camera.
levelCamera0Removes any roll from the camera.
trails1booleanDisplays a 3D representation of marker trajectories. Turns -pastTrails and -futureTrails on and off.
pastTrails1integerNumber of frames to display for past trails.
Number of frames to display for future trails.
0Specifies that other flags operate on all 3D views rather than just the active 3D view
inactiveErrorLines1booleanBy default, error lines will not be drawn for inactive clips, unless this flag is enabled.
gapDim1integerTakes an integer argument between 0 and 100, specifying percentage a marker should be dimmed (made transparent) if it is on a gap.
keyMode1booleanMode where the keys on trails are selectable and editable from within the 3D View.
gapConnections1booleanControls whether marker connecting lines are drawn between markers that are on a gap.
useClipColor1booleanSpecifies that objects in the active clip draw in the color of the active clip rather than their own object color.
halo1booleanSpecifies that a "halo" be drawn around the currently selected "label" in the Labeling window.
gridSize1floatSpecifies the number of meters squared that are displayed in the 3D View, for example, if gridSize = 10, the resulting grid would be 10m x 10m.
gridSizeX1floatSpecifies the X extent from the origin (in meters) of the grid that is displayed in the 3D view.
gridSizeZ1floatSpecifies the Y or Z extent from the origin (in meters) of the grid that is displayed in the 3D view.
gridSpacing1floatSpecifies the spacing (in meters) between the lines of the grid that is displayed in the 3D view.
displayText1booleanSpecifies whether the "Heads Up Display" text be rendered onto the 3D view.
gapSelect1booleanSpecifies whether Markers can be selected from within the in the 3D view if they are on a gap.
lock1booleanTurns off the 3D View. Useful if you want to prevent the 3D view from drawing to boost real time processing power.
contributionMode1booleanSpecifies that Markers/Trajectories should draw rays to the selected OpticalCameras that were used in creating them.

Return value



// This command puts Shogun Post's active 3D view in a mode in which the
// currently selected objects are always centered in the view.
cameraView -track selected;

// Will toggle Shogun Post between Z-up versus Y-up
cameraView zUp toggle;

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