This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Sets the labeling subject calibration options. Replaces deprecated command calibrateCharacterOptions.

The subject calibrator can adjust parameter values (affecting constraints and bones using parameters), preferred pose, joint range, and marker covariance.

The -calibrationMode flag allows the number of those properties that will be altered to be set. The importance of the rest importance, constraint offsets, and bone parameters, can also be specified. For instance, if you know the bone lengths of the skeleton to be calibrated are already very accurate (either due to manual setup or a previous calibration) you may decide to either not calibrate bone length by adding the -calibrationMode "markersOnly" option or you may put a high importance on the bone lengths so they are not greatly changed by setting the segment importance higher.

Functional area


Command syntax


calibrateLabelingSubjectOptions [-jointImportance float] [-markerImportance float] [-segmentImportance float] [-quality string] [-activeFrames integer] [-calibrationMode string] [-jointStatsMode string] [-autoSaveVsk boolean] [-autoSavePreCalHDF boolean] [-overwriteRangeTemplates boolean] [-showCovariance boolean] [-restoreDefaultSettings]




NameFlag argsArgument typeExcl toComments
jointImportance1floatSpecifies the strength of the jointImportance during the calibration.
markerImportance1floatSpecifies the importance of the constraint parameters during the calibration.
segmentImportance1floatSpecifies the importance of the bone parameters during the calibration.
quality1stringSpeed vs. quality tradeoff. Options are: fast, normal, accurate.
activeFrames1integerSpecifies how many frames the calibrator samples. The default is 150. The minimum is 100. This number of frames is only for part of the calibration. Other parts of the calibration sample more frames and cannot be adjusted.
calibrationMode1stringSpecifies what the calibrator will change; everything (full), markersOnly, or preferred pose, joint range, and marker covariance (statsOnly).
jointStatsMode1stringHas options for setting how joint statistics are used.
autoSaveVsk1booleanWhen set to true, a VSK file is automatically saved to disk after calibration is complete.
Saves an HDF of the scene before calibration.

When set to true, labeling constraint covariance is automatically displayed after calibration.
restoreDefaultSettings0Resets the options to their default settings.

Return value



// Given a skeleton setup with already good bone lengths set the
// calibrator options so the bones will not be altered during
// calibration.
calibrateLabelingSubjectOptions -calibrationMode "markersOnly";

// Now calibrate the selection

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