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You can use command line options for Shogun Live and Shogun Post.

Shogun Live command line options

Shogun Live supports the following command line options:

--helpList supported command line options.
--log <level>Set logging level to one of [Off, Always, Error, Warn, Info, Default, Debug].
--force-glesLoad in Graphics Compatibility mode.
--terminal-port <port number>Specify a port number for the Live API terminal server (the default is 52800).
--nosplashDo not show the splash screen.
--log-dir <path>Specify a directory in which to save the log file (overrides default location).
--agent-host-ip=<host IP>Where host IP is the IP address of the machine. Used to extract a subnet for harvesting network interfaces when setting up multi-machine Shogun processing. For details, see Run Shogun processing on multiple machines.

Example usage:

> C:\Program Files\Vicon\ShogunLive1.7\ShogunLive.exe --log Info --log-dir C:\tmp\ShogunLiveLogs

> C:\Program Files\Vicon\ShogunLive1.7\ShogunLive.exe --agent-host-ip=

Shogun Post command line options

Shogun Post supports the following command line options:

--force-glesLoad in Graphics Compatibility mode. 
--SkipSplashDo not show the splash screen.
--crash-handler <string>Optionally, specify quiet or system.
If used with no argument, the Vicon crash handler is used.
--exit-after-scriptClose Shogun Post after running the init script.

Example usage:

> C:\Program Files\Vicon\ShogunPost1.7\ShogunPost.exe --SkipSplash