This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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The RED Komodo camera  is supported for SDI video in Shogun Live. Full details of how to set up and use the camera can be found in the Komodo Operation Guide. This document includes the extra information required to set up and use the camera with Vicon Shogun Live.


Global shutter sensor

This camera has a global shutter sensor which makes it particularly suitable for use with the calibrated video feature of Vicon Shogun Live.

Sync and timecode

To calibrate the camera in Shogun Live, both genlock and timecode are required. The camera requires the RED Komodo Expander Module to give easy access to genlock and timecode. Ensure this is fitted according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Two cables are required to connect the timecode generator to the Komodo Expander module: one for genlock and one for timecode.

Set up the required timecode

  1. Connect the timecode to the BNC connector labeled Timecode.
    This must be the LTC timecode from the port on the timecode generator labeled TC, Timecode or LTC.
  2. On the camera's onscreen display, select Menu > Audio / TC  > Timecode Source and then select External.

Set up the required genlock

Tri-sync genlock is supplied to the BNC connector labeled Genlock. This must be tri-sync genlock from the port on the timecode generator, usually labeled Sync N or Tri-Black N.

Check timecode and genlock

Check these settings on the camera display:

  • GEN Must be green, indicating external sync is being received.
  • TC Must be green, indicating timecode is being received.
  • SYNC Must be green, indicating sensor is synced with timecode and the camera's output is synced with genlock.

Any other colors (gray, red, yellow, etc) indicate a setup problem, which may not be immediately apparent in Shogun Live but which will cause problems for capturing calibrated video later. For more detailed information including the meaning of each status color, see the Komodo Operation Guide.


On-screen display


Genlock and timecode being received


Ready to capture in Shogun Live.

Genlock being received but not timecode


Fix problems with camera setup before capturing or calibrating in Shogun Live.

Timecode being received but not genlock

Neither timecode or genlock being received

Shogun Live does not visually indicate whether the camera is getting a genlock signal and cannot tell whether the camera is getting external timecode or generating it internally, so you must check this on the camera itself.

Set up the SDI output

Connect the SDI output to the capture PC's capture card. If multiple outputs are required (eg, for a monitor), we recommend using an SDI distribution amplifier.

Set resolution and frame rate

  • To set the resolution for the SDI output, on the camera's onscreen display select Menu > Monitoring > SDI > Resolution.
  • To set the frame rate, select Menu > Monitoring > SDI > Frequency.

Shogun Live supports progressive video standards up to 4K, as long as a compatible capture card is used.
However, it has been more rigorously tested with the UHD standards (1920 × 1080, 3840 × 2160) than the DCI standards (2048 × 1080, 4096 × 2160).

Disable onscreen displays

We strongly recommend that you disable all the monitoring features on the SDI output. The onscreen display can interfere with calibrating in Shogun Live, unless the text is masked, and if the display features are changed after calibrating, the calibration may be invalidated.

On the camera's onscreen display, select Menu > Monitoring > SDI. Change all of Guides, Tools, and Overlay to 0 (red color, meaning off).