This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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  1. Install the capture card in your computer. Remember to connect its extra power connector if it has one.
  2. Download and run the Blackmagic Desktop Video Installer, which includes the drivers.

    We recommend that you use version 12.1 or later of the Blackmagic Desktop Video Installer. Earlier versions may not work with Shogun Live.
  3. Open Shogun Live and ensure that in the System panel, the card is listed under Video Inputs.


    If the device isn't listed, the capture card could be incorrectly installed, the correct driver could be missing, or another instance of Shogun Live could be running and using it.
  4. Ensure that the card is selected and in the Information section of the Properties, note that Video Standard is set to Unspecified.
    This indicates that the cable is not connected or there's no signal on it.


  5. Identify which BNC connector is the video input. Some cards have multiple inputs that are not labeled, so you may need to refer to the Blackmagic documentation. 
  6. Connect this input to the SDI output from the camera.
    In the Properties, the icon changes in the Video Inputs section.


    In the Information section, the Video Standard is now displayed.

    If the video standard is not shown, the standard may not supported by the capture card, or there may be a problem with the camera or the cabling.