This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Shogun Live’s multi-machine capability enables you to reduce dropped frames by running a standalone agent on one or more other machines on the same network.

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Requirements for multi-machine processing

  • Agent machines with high clock speeds
  • Agent(s) and main machine running on the same network
  • Network adapters on the network set within the range 192.168.128.###

If required, for example, if 192 is already used for other clients or processes, you can manually set the subnet to be used for Shogun multi-machine processing. For details, see Specify the subnet for multi-machine processing.

Port numbers
Normally, you will not need to change the default port number, 37415.
If this clashes with another application:
  1. Run ShogunAgent --port=<port number>
  2. Set the matching number in the Add Agent dialog box.

Set up multi-machine processing

  1. On the main machine, note or set the IP address. In the following example, the address is

  2. On the agent (secondary) machine, note or set the IP address. In this example, it is set to
  3. Open up CMD/PowerShell and ping each machine to make sure there is a connection.
  4. On the agent machine, install the agent installer (the ShogunAgentInstaller file, found in the Shogun installer) and run it.
  5. Install the same version of Shogun on the main machine and run it.
  6. On the main machine, in Shogun Live, on the View menu, select Agents.
  7. In the Agents dialog box, click Add Agent
    1. In the first field, enter a unique name.
    2. In the Endpoint field, enter the agent’s IP address, for example,

    3. Click Add Agent.
      At the bottom of the Agents dialog box, Contributing is displayed.

  8. In Shogun Live, on the Processing panel, ensure the Advanced properties are displayed, scroll to the Multi-machine section and enter the name you specified (see Step 7a) of the agent(s) that you want to use for reconstruction, labeling, solving and/or retargeting.

Specify the subnet for multi-machine processing

If required, you can manually set the subnet to be used for Shogun multi-machine processing.

To specify the subnet:

  1. On the main PC, add this flag:

    ShogunLive.exe --agent-host-ip=HOST_IP

  2. On the agent machine, add this flag:

    ShogunAgent.exe --agent-host-ip=HOST_IP

Where HOST_IP is the IP address of the machine.

For example:

ShogunLive.exe --agent-host-ip=

When you add an agent in Shogun Live, you can then use your local IP range.