This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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All the panels that you use for working with data in Vicon Shogun Post are available from the ribbon at the top of the default layout. 

When you first open Post, the Processing tab is selected, but you can view all the panels by clicking on the Panels tab.

On the ribbon, the panels are grouped into tabs that represent an area of activity. Each tab contains related panels and commands.

The tabs and the panels on them are arranged in the order you are likely to want to use them, from left to right.

To perform a task, on the ribbon, click the button that displays the required panel name, or click the equivalent command on the Vicon Post menu bar (above the quick access bar).

The buttons toggle the display of the panels, so if you click on the button for a panel that is already open, the panel closes.

To find out more about working with panels in Shogun Post, see:

Rearrange panels

You can re-position and hide or display the panels to suit your way of working.

To re-position the panels:

Drag the panels by their title bars and drop them into place using the guides that overlay the main window:

If you prefer, instead of docking the panels as described above, you can leave panels floating in an independent window.

You can also hide panels, to give you more space in which to work.

Hide/Display panels

To auto hide/redisplay a panel:

  • On the title bar of a docked panel, click the Pin button.

    The panel is hidden as a vertical tab along an edge of the main window.

If you auto hide multiple panels, they are tabbed vertically along the edge of the main window.

To re-display a pinned panel:

  1. Click the required tab on the edge of the main window.
    The panel is displayed in a floating window.
  2. To dock it again, click its Pin button.

Expand and collapse panel sections

Within each panel, you can expand and collapse sections, to make it easier to access the controls you want to use.

Expand section
Click the right-pointing arrow 
Collapse section
Click the downward-pointing arrow 
Show/hide further options
Click the ellipsis