This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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To access and change preferences such as folder locations, hot keys and default import and export options, as well as how you interact with the Shogun Post interface, you use the Preferences dialog box.

These topics introduce some of the ways you can customize Post.

Change Shogun Post folders

You set the location of Shogun Post folders and files on the Directories tab in the Preferences dialog box.

To open the Preferences dialog box:

  1. On the General menu click Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences dialog box click the Directories tab.

The Directories tab contains fields that enable you to specify the location of:

The Marking Menu, Hot Key, Button Shelf, and Selection Set files are saved as Shogun scripts (.hsl files). These default Shogun .hsl files are stored in the Shogun Post folder (by default, C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vicon\ShogunPost#.#). You might find it useful to create different .hsl files to store particular categories of these files and/or to create your own folder for storing any of these files that you create or customize. You can specify the location of this folder in the appropriate fields on the Directories tab.

Set script folder locations

The Shogun Post Scripts folder contains the default scripts supplied with Shogun Post, organized by category into sub-folders. By default, the Scripts folder is installed under the main Shogun Post program folder (C:\Program Files\Vicon\ShogunPost#.#\Scripts). Scripts in this folder can be selected from the Pipelines panel and the Script Viewer dialog box (available from the Script Editor toolbar and the Shogun Post status bar).

You can specify more than one Scripts folder on the Directories tab, but Shogun executes the first version of a given script file that it finds. That means that if you have two script files named greatScript.hsl, Shogun will execute the first one it finds as it searches the specified script folders in the order in which they appear in this field. You can use this search order to control when customized scripts are used over standard Shogun scripts.

Review the default scripts in the Scripts folder and all its sub-folders because they may save you time. Each script supplied with Shogun is documented, so you can quickly determine its function and modify its commands to meet your own needs. Most Shogun Post users find that these scripts can streamline many standard operations as written, and they also can be customized to meet other needs as required. For more information on using scripts, see the HSL scripting with Vicon Shogun.

Ensure you save a custom version of a Shogun script under a new file name. This ensures that if your script doesn't work, you still have the original.

To specify additional script file locations:

  1. On the General menu click Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences dialog box, click the Directories tab and view the Script directories section.

  3. For each folder that you want to add, in the Script directories mini toolbar, click the Add button.

  4. In the Select folder dialog box, enter or browse to the desired location.

You can also perform the following operations:

  • Remove a selected script directory from the Script directories list.
  • If you have specified multiple directories, use the Move selected script up and Move selected script down buttons to arrange the directories in the desired order.
  • To view folder contents, select a folder in the list and click the Open Folder button on the toolbar.
  • To update the contents of the selected folder, click the Reparse button.

Set file names and folder locations

As well as specifying the location of scripts (see Set script folder locations ), you can specify a different location for the following files (and temp folder) on the Directories tab in the Preferences dialog box (General menu > Preferences).

FieldDescriptionDefault locationDefault file
Marking Menu fileDefault marking menus. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vicon\ShogunPost#.#\MarkingMenus.hsl
Hot key fileHot key mappings. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vicon\ShogunPost#.#\HotKey.hsl
Button shelf fileScript used by Shogun Post to build the Button Shelf interface. The button shelf tabs are displayed as custom tabs on the ribbon. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vicon\ShogunPost#.#\ScriptShelves.hsl
Selection set fileScript used by Shogun Post to store selection set settings. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vicon\ShogunPost#.#\SelectionSets.hsl
Log fileMulti-session text log file that contains the data displayed in the Log window. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vicon\ShogunPost#.#\LogsCommandLog.log
Temp directoryContains files that may be used by Vicon SupportC:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\TempNA
Startup scriptScript that runs when you start Shogun Post.User-specifiedUser-specified
Shutdown scriptScript that runs when you exit Shogun Post.User-specifiedUser-specified
Python interpreter64-bit version of Python used by Shogun Post. For more information, see HSL scripting with Vicon Shogun.C:\Program Files\Vicon\ShogunPost#.#\Python\python.exe

You may find it useful to create your own folder and/or filename for storing any files you create or customize.

To specify a custom location:

  1. Open the Preferences dialog box (see Specify Vicon Shogun Post folders).
  2. Click the Directories tab, and view the relevant field.
  3. To the right of the field, click the Open button.
  4. In the dialog box, enter or navigate to and select the appropriate file or folder that Shogun Post is to use and click Open.
    You can click this Open button to open any previously saved .hsl files at any time during a Shogun Post session.

Set pre-selection options

While pre-selection (the highlighting of the marker or object that the mouse pointer is currently hovering over) is useful in some circumstances, in others it may be distracting. In the Preferences dialog box (General > Preferences), an option on the Interface tab enables you to choose whether to show pre-selection in the 3D Scene view.


A related option, Show selection pick menu, enables you to choose whether to display the menu that is displayed when you hover the mouse pointer over several markers or objects that are on top of each other. When selected, you can quickly choose from a list of markers or objects, without having to use the Selection filters.

When cleared, no menu is displayed and you can select only the object that is directly under the mouse pointer.

See also Vicon Shogun 1.3 Post Tutorial - Selection Toggles on YouTube.

Set a custom folder for saving subjects

To change the default folder to which to save subjects, in the Preferences dialog box, click the Subjects tab, where you can browse or specify the required folder.

You can also specify that the current Eclipse session is used by selecting Use active session for subject I/O.

Scale missing markers

To scale the displayed size of missing markers, in the Preferences dialog box, click the Interface tab and at the bottom, change the value of the Missing Marker Size Multiplier (the default is 2.50).

Hold Ctrl to use the Manipulator

To avoid accidentally manipulating objects when using the Alt key to select, you can turn on the requirement for the Ctrl key be held down to manipulate objects in the 3D Scene view by selecting this option on the Interface tab of the Preferences dialog box.

By default, the option is set to off.