This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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To see a list of all current hot keys, on the Settings menu, click Show Hot Keys or press Shift+H.
To create your own hot keys, in the Command column, double-click the required command and in the Set Hot Key dialog box, specify the hot keys. 

Use the mouse and keyboard to speed up your work with Vicon Shogun Live with the following commonly used shortcuts:

3D Scene view

RotateClick and drag
TranslateLeft- and right-click and drag
ZoomRight-click and drag
Scale the object manipulatorPress + (scale up) or - (scale down)
Pause/resume live streamingSpace bar
Scrub the timelineMiddle mouse button

Cameras view

Zoom in or outMiddle mouse button + drag, or rotate the mouse wheel.
Enable the Grayscale view option for all or selected camerasG
Disable the Grayscale view optionShift+G
Pause/resume live streamingSpace bar
Scrub the timelineMiddle mouse button

Select objects

SelectClick or
Drag or
ALT+drag (3D Scene, Perspective view)
Multiple select/de-selectCTRL+click or

Set hot keys in Live

If you want to change what happens when you press a particular key or combination of keys, you can assign or un-assign commands to hot keys.

To assign or clear hot keys:

  1. Open the Hot Keys dialog box (Settings > Show Hot Keys or Shift+H).
  2. Double-click the required command to display the Set Hot Key dialog box, where you can set or clear the hot key for it.
  3. To save to disk the current hot keys, includiing any changes you've made, click Save.
  4. Click OK to close the Hot Keys dialog box.

Selecting and the ALT key

To change the behavior of the ALT key:

  1. On the Settings menu, click Preferences (or press SHIFT+P) and in the Preferences dialog box, click the Preferences for userName tab.
  2. In the Interface section, clear or select ALT key to select in views.
    This sets the ALT key as required when selecting.

When ALT key to select in views is cleared, the default behavior is selection without the ALT key.

Align a prop to the world axis

To align a selected prop to the world axis:

  • With the prop selected, display the Object Manipulator, ensure it is set to Global and change all the prop's values to zero.

For more information, see Move props.

Select Grayscale Mode for cameras

To cycle through the Grayscale Mode options:

  1. Ensure the relevant cameras are selected.
  2. Press Ctrl+G.
    This saves you from having to select the option for the camera(s) on the System tab.