This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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The following issues are known to exist in Vicon Shogun 1.7:

In Live, objects that have the property Track With Object Tracker enabled do not generate markers in the DataStream.None at present. To be addressed.
Cluster markers are not considered in overall marker count.None at present. To be addressed.
No feedback during subject recalibration.None at present. To be addressed.
In Live, the viewport can hang, for example, if a video camera is unplugged.Change the processing level and the viewport will reboot.
Eclipse data is missing after capture.Please contact if you experience this issue and can reproduce it. 
In Live, in systems with large numbers of cameras, a high number of dropped frames occurs.Do one of the following:
  • Use Shogun's multi-machine feature (see Run Shogun processing on multiple machines in Getting more from Vicon Shogun).
  • Use the Process in Realtime option in Shogun Live (on the System tab, select the required camera(s) and in the Capture properties below, clear the Process in Realtime option). You can use this option to exclude cameras from reconstruction, while keeping them in the captured X2D and 2D workspace.

    Important: Remember that if you use this feature to exclude cameras, their data will not be present in the resulting MCP file. To include the data from excluded cameras, you must instead reprocess from the X2D file.
In Shogun Post, retargeting position constraint weights have a higher strength than rotation constraint weights.Use lower values for retargeting position constraint weights. .01 or .001 position and 1.0 for rotation tend to work well.
In Post, the retargeting doesn't converge or fit well at the start.Make sure you have set the map pose which copies rotation values to pre-rotations so that the target and source skeleton axes align as closely as possible. Otherwise pad the start of your takes by a couple of seconds.
In Post, occlusion fixing across a range is disabled.
Occlusion fixing must only be run once on the whole take. If occlusion fixing was turned on during capture in Shogun Live (the default setting) and there are issues with your data, Vicon  recommends that you restore the data to its non occlusion-fixed state using the Restore feature in the Marker Editing panel. Then fix any marker issues like swaps or mislabels before re-running occlusion fixing on the whole take by selecting the required option in the Processing panel.
For information on fixing marker issues, see the Vicon videos: 5 - Shogun Post – Labeling Data and 6 - Shogun Post - Marker Editing.
In Live and Post, there are no Graphics compatibility mode shortcuts on the Windows Start menu.You can run Shogun in graphics compatibility mode by using the appropriate command line flag:
(You may want to use graphics compatibility mode if the machine on which you need to run Shogun does not have a dedicated GPU.)