This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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In addition to the following information, see also the Vicon video: 5 - Shogun Live - System Health and Camera Fixing.

Vicon cameras with accelerometers (Vicon Vantage, Vero and Vue), provide a bump detection feature. On these cameras, the status indicators flash red when the camera is bumped and (on Vantage cameras only) the OLED display changes to indicate a bumped camera. In the Vicon Shogun Live System panel, icons are displayed to the right of the camera names to indicate a bump.

To prevent you from having to recalibrate the whole system after a camera has received a minor bump, when a calibrated subject (or prop, or wand) moves through the volume, cameras automatically detect whether further action is necessary:

  • If a calibrated subject moves through the volume and the cameras have returned to their original position, the cameras’ bump status indicators change from red back to blue and in the System panel, the bumped icons disappear.
  • If you need to take further action, the status indicators continue to display an error and the bumped icons remain on the System panel.

As an additional check, in the System panel click the camera with the bumped icon to select it and in a Cameras view, zoom in on the markers. When a camera is bumped, red warning symbols are displayed, indicating the difference between where the system expects the markers to be, and where they actually are.

Shogun Live enables you to quickly correct a camera whose position has changed due to having been bumped or moved, using any labeled object in the volume – subject, prop, or wand, and the Recover Camera Position feature.

You can use Recover Camera Position to recover cameras that have been either bumped or moved. This process relies on having enough cameras within a calibrated system to act as a calibration anchor.  For this reason, it is recommended that it is run on only a small proportion of the cameras in a system. A single camera or a small number of affected cameras can be recovered with good results. If a larger number of cameras is affected, perform a full camera calibration instead (see Calibrate cameras ).

Correct a bumped or moved optical camera

The following procedure corrects a bumped optical camera (Vantage or Vero): for bumped video cameras, see Correct a bumped Vicon Vue video or SDI video camera.

  1. On the System tab, select the camera that was bumped or moved.
  2. On the Camera Calibration tab, click Start Recover Camera Position.
  3. In the volume, have the subject move (or move the labeled object) in front of the affected camera.
    In the 3D Scene view and Cameras view, you can see orange trails as the system determines the offset between the camera and the rest of the calibration.

  4. When enough of the view has been covered (indicated by orange trails that thickly cover the affected camera view, as shown above), click Stop Recover Camera Position.
  5. In the Cameras view, zoom in and check that the markers are now aligned, with no red warning symbols.

    The camera is now correctly aligned with the rest of the system. Note that masking of the affected camera is not preserved, so for optimum results, you may need to mask this camera again. For information, see Mask cameras.

Correct a bumped or moved Vicon Vue video or SDI video camera

Note that to correct a Vue camera, you need to use active markers, so ensure you have a Vicon Active Wand to use during the procedure.

  1. On the System tab, select the video camera(s) that are bumped, or that have been moved.
  2. On the Camera Calibration tab, click Show Advanced
  3.  With the video camera(s) still selected, in the Calibration Wave section, click Start Wave (Selected) and, with Auto Stop selected, wave the wand for just the selected cameras and wait for the calibration to finish. 
    In the 3D Scene and the Cameras view, the camera view is covered with orange trails.

  4. In the Cameras view, zoom in and check that the markers are now aligned.