This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Before you begin to connect your system components, check that your hardware is included in Recommended SDI video hardware. For setup instructions for the components, see:

Connect the SDI video system components

To ensure that the camera shutters are aligned, the SDI camera must be genlocked to the Vicon system. This ensures that the SDI camera reliably see strobes from the Active Wand.

Timecode is used to identify the time at which data from the SDI camera and the Vicon system was captured. This ensures that the data from the two sources can be aligned. The calibrator can then determine any small remaining discrepancy and apply an offset to the video input to correct for it.

Consequently, both the SDI camera and the Vicon system must have a valid genlock signal and a valid timecode. Two cables are required to transmit reference sync and timecode to the camera, whereas the a single cable can carry both reference sync and timecode to the Vicon Lock unit.

In the following instructions and except where differences are noted, references to Vicon Lock units apply to Vicon Lock, Vicon Lock+ and Vicon Lock Studio.

To connect the system components:

  1. On the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K:
    1. Connect SDI Out to the input on the DeckLink card on the PC that will run Shogun Live.
    2. Connect SDI In to TG1-2 on the Evertz 5601MSC.
    3. Connect REF IN / TC IN to LTC OUT 1 on the Evertz 5601MSC.
  2. Connect from the Evertz 5601MSC to the Vicon Lock unit, depending on your Lock model:
    • Vicon Lock or Vicon Lock+: Connect SYNC 1 on the Evertz 5601MSC to REF LOOP on the Lock or Lock+. Put a 75Ω terminator on the other REF LOOP connector. (Note that Lock or Lock+ can capture only PAL (25 Hz) or NTSC (29.97 Hz): for true 30 Hz, you must use a Lock Studio.)


    • Vicon Lock Studio: Connect TG1-1 on the Evertz 5601MSC to SDI In on the Lock Studio.