This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Applying Auto-Skeleton generally produces good results. However, sometimes, due to marker placement or the actor's stance being less than ideal, you need to make some adjustments, for example, altering the pose or length of a few bones. Sometimes the adjustments themselves are small, like rotating the root a few degrees to face the right way, but this then requires the limbs be re-posed, which is time consuming and challenging to do manually.

Auto-Skeleton re-posing provides a solution for this. It enables you to re-pose only the arms, or only the legs, leaving the rest of the body as is. Re-posing changes only the pose. It does not adjust scale. The tools for re-posing the results of Auto-Skeleton are found in the same place as the Auto-Skeleton option: in the Subject Setup panel, on the Solving tab, click the Actor Setup tab.

Correct a misalignment of the root

In the following example, based on a T-pose, the root has ended up facing slightly to the actor's left side, instead of straight ahead. This can be clearly seen by the direction of the Z (blue) axis of the manipulator when the root is selected.

  1. To correct the issue, rotate the root about its up axis to be correctly posed.

    This leaves the arms and legs needing to be re-posed.
  2. Click the Re-pose Arms and Re-pose Leg buttons (the order does not matter in this case).

    The arms and legs are re-posed and all constraint offsets of the entire body are updated based on the resulting pose.


Re-pose fingers

In cases where you manually tweaked the arm and then need to repose the fingers, use the Re-pose Fingers Only button. 

Note that you need to update the constraint offsets for the arm after your tweaks and before you click Re-pose Fingers Only.