This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.7. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Vicon Shogun 1.7 resolves a number of issues, including the selection listed here.

Issues addressed in Shogun Live 1.7

  • You can now capture to long capture paths (over 260 characters). 
  • You can no longer select the Resynchronize option during capture, or in any other modes, such as calibration and review, where system properties are not enabled. 
  • When you exit Shogun Live, any GPO programs that are running are now stopped. In addition, GPO settings are now retained when you exit and restart Shogun Live. 
  • The left foot is now correctly labeled during live subject calibration.
  • If you try to calibrate cameras when Use timecode is not selected for one or more video cameras or if no timecode is present, you are now alerted by a warning at the top of the Calbration panel.

  • Shogun Live no longer stops responding when you try to capture to an invalid video capture folder and/or 6-bit grayscale is produced from Vicon video cameras.
  • To avoid accidentally rebooting all devices, if you select the Reboot > System option in the System panel, you are now asked to confirm your choice before you can proceed. In addition, to avoid accidental rebooting, the Reboot options are now unavailable during calibration and capture.
  • You can no longer click Start Wave (Selected) if you have selected all the contributing cameras.
  • When running live subject calibration, heavier subjects are now successfully labeled.
  • When using Blackmagic drivers 12.#.# and later, Shogun Live now produces video as expected, without sync sessions constantly being created.
  • As changing the Environmental Drift Tolerance does not affect objects that are tracked by the object tracker, a new setting, Reprojection Threshold, is now available for these objects.

Issues addressed in Shogun Post 1.7

  • In the Cameras view, static meshes no longer display as 3D overlays when the 3D option is cleared in View Filters.
  • Shogun Post does not now create a backup clip when importing calibration MCP files, regardless of whether an .x2d file exists.
  • AutoSkeleton now has option to save the VSS (available both on the Actor Setup tab as Save VSS After Calibration and as the -saveVSS option of the autoSetupSolvingSkeletonOptions command).

  • In the Marker Editing panel, in the Restore section, the Create Backup button now behaves as expected, ie, it is inactive when there is no clip available, but is active when a file is open and you can create a clip. When a clip already exists, the button is active, but when you click it, you are prompted to decide whether you want to override the existing clip.
  • Python 3 GetSelectedRanges now works correctly with Shogun Post.
  • Retargeting skin base and highlight color and opacity attributes are now hidden in Post as they are not needed for retargeting.

  • You can now update reconstruction settings using the Python SDK.
  • When the Other_Part attribute is set, the attribute value is now saved when Shogun exports to VSS and VSR files and is correctly displayed when a VSS or VSR is imported.