This information is for Vicon ProCalc 1.5. For up-to-date help, see the latest ProCalc documentation.

Vicon ProCalc banner

The ProCalc user interface is optimized for screens with resolution 1600 x 1050 pixels or higher. Although the minimum resolution is 1024 x 768, screens with higher resolution are recommended.

To launch ProCalc:

  • Windows Start menu >  All Programs > Vicon > Vicon ProCalc #.#;  or
  • Double-click on the desktop icon, if available.

After a short time, the ProCalc window is displayed: 

The main window is split into three parts:

  • The left side contains the controls – where you choose what to process and how to process it.
  • The top of the right side contains the 3D workspace – where ProCalc visualizes what you’re currently calculating.
  • The bottom of the right side contains the Log – where ProCalc outputs relevant messages during your work. 

ProCalc offers two main workflows:

  • Defining your calculations You use ProCalc to define what you wish to calculate, and how ProCalc should calculate it.
  • Processing You use ProCalc to execute pre-defined calculations on one or more trials.