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To enable you to speed up your work, Polygon provides these shortcuts:

General user interface shortcut keys

TaskFunction Key
Polygon Help systemF1
Data ManagerF2
Previous Hyperlink / SlideF3
Next Hyperlink / SlideF4
Toggle all tool barsF5
Toggle RibbonF6
Toggle Data BarF7
Toggle Time BarF8
Toggle Attributes window pinned/unpinnedF9
Toggle Quick Access barF10
Toggle Status barF11
New reportCTRL + N
New report from templateCTRL + T
Open reportCTRL + O
SaveCTRL + S
Start presentationCTRL+F5
Import fileCTRL + Q
Print reportCTRL + P
Insert database fieldCTRL + D
Run dataview #1SHIFT + CTRL + 1
Run dataview #2SHIFT + CTRL + 2
Run dataview #3SHIFT + CTRL + 3
Run dataview #4SHIFT + CTRL + 4
Run dataview #5SHIFT + CTRL + 5
Run dataview #6SHIFT + CTRL + 6
Run dataview #7SHIFT + CTRL + 7
Run dataview #8SHIFT + CTRL + 8
Run dataview #9SHIFT + CTRL + 9

Time Bar shortcut keys

TaskHot Key
Jump to Last Frame in TrialEND
Jump to First Frame in TrialHOME
Jump Forward 10 FramesPG-UP
Jump Backwards 10 FramesPG-DOWN
Play / PauseSPACE BAR
Play Backwards / PauseSHIFT + SPACE
Play / PauseUP ARROW
Play Backwards / PauseDOWN ARROW
Forward Single FrameRIGHT ARROW
Backwards Single FrameLEFT ARROW
Increase Replay Speed by 10%CTRL + RIGHT ARROW
Decrease Replay Speed by 10%CTRL + LEFT ARROW
Jump Forward to Next EventSHIFT + RIGHT ARROW
Jump Backwards to Next EventSHIFT + LEFT ARROW

Text pane shortcut keys

TaskHot Key
Select allCTRL + A
CopyCTRL + C
PasteCTRL + V
BoldCTRL + B
ItalicCTRL + I
UnderlineCTRL + U
Insert global hyperlinkCTRL + G
FindCTRL + F
ReplaceCTRL + R
UndoCTRL + Z
RedoCTRL + Y

3D Workspace shortcut keys

TaskHot Key
Align the Workspace to the X AxisALT + X
Align the Workspace to the Y AxisALT + Y
Align the Workspace to the Z AxisALT + Z
Toggle Follow SelectedALT + F
Toggle Track SelectedALT + T

Graph pane shortcut keys

TaskHot Key
Select All TracesCTRL + A
Toggle Normalize GraphALT + N
Decrease Trace WidthNUMPAD +
Increase Trace WidthNUMPAD -
Average On/Off ToggleALT + A