This information is for Vicon Polygon 4.4.4. For up-to-date help, see the latest Polygon documentation.

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The following release notes list the improvements that have been made to releases of Vicon Polygon since 4.3.3.

Polygon 4.4.4 Release Notes

Polygon 4.4.4 is a patch release that addresses a number of issues reported since Polygon 4.4.3.

  • You can now add a segment which has already been added to the Workspace View.
  • Polygon now correctly cycles through Graph tab selections when holding down the right mouse button and repeatedly left-clicking.
  • When adding Data Tags to a Graph tab, Data Tag boxes do not now relocate onto another Graph tab.
  • 3D overlay from Show Objects now aligns correctly with video.
  • Reports created in earlier versions of Polygon now retain correct graph layout.
  • The Ignore Stdev option on an Analysis node is now retained and Stdevs are not printed.
  • Phase plot graphs now display correct scale and do not re-scale after using right-click > Replace Link in a Text pane.
  • When adding thumbnail plots with multiple gait cycles, if the Context Display Mode is set to Side by side, all plots are now correctly displayed.
  • Load Subject Model button now becomes active as expected.
  • Within Trial Average now computes the average and standard deviation for each context.
  • Normalized Ground Reaction Forces are now displayed as % BW.
  • Importing trials with same name from different sessions into a template no longer causes issues.

Polygon 4.4.3 Release Notes

Nexus overlay videos are now automatically imported under movies when the trial C3D is imported into Polygon.

Polygon 4.3.3 Release Notes

Importing .avi files from Workstation legacy data now works correctly.

Polygon 4.3.2 Release Notes

Polygon 4.3.2 is a patch release for Vicon Polygon. This update improves the behavior of some existing features and addresses a series of issues reported following the release of Polygon 4.3.1.

Features or feature updates:

  • PDF files can now be correctly imported into a report.
  • Adding a PGemg bar no longer affects the view of existing gait cycles.
  • C3D files can now be loaded without their associated video files being imported.
  • The timebar only refreshes after you select a different trial in the data bar.
  • Video overlay is now correctly displayed in Workspace view.
  • The COM marker is now displayed correctly in Workspace view.
  • Placeholder comments are now correctly removed when a trial is updated/refreshed.
  • Updating or refreshing a trial now updates the model outputs.
  • Special characters (example: é) in a subject name no longer prevent a trial from loading.
  • Butterfly diagram no longer appears to ‘float’ above FP visually.
  • Force vectors for AMTI plates arranged in a “stair” configuration are now displayed correctly.
  • Adding graphs while in thumbnail view no longer results in a crash.
  • Double-clicking to move between single graph and thumbnail graph view now works reliably.
  • The Average Trace button now toggles correctly when groups of traces are added to a graph.
  • Extra spaces are no longer added to a report when links are set to Do Not Export.
  • When a template is saved in a new location, you no longer need to close and reopen Polygon.
  • Exporting to Word no longer results in a crash.
  • Polygon no longer shows incorrect context(s) when loading a c3d that contains non-standard contexts.
  • Events updated in Nexus are now correctly updated in Polygon when the trial is refreshed.