Pegasus PDFs

About this guide

This guide provides basic information to enable you to start using your Vicon Pegasus system. It begins by giving an overview of Pegasus and how it works. It then describes the elements of Pegasus and how they are used, gives an overview of standard workflows for performing common tasks, and lists keyboard shortcuts.

Learn about Vicon Pegasus

The following documentation (online help and PDF) is included in the current Vicon Pegasus release:



Vicon Pegasus Product Guide (this manual)

Provides basic conceptual information, software description, instructions for common workflows, and a list of shortcuts.

For information on the latest updates, see New features of Vicon Pegasus.

PDF and online help installed with Pegasus.

Vicon Pegasus tutorials

Available from YouTube and from Vicon Support. For the list of tutorials, see Vicon Pegasus video tutorials.

The PDF (Adobe Reader version 8.0 or later) is installed as part of your Vicon Pegasus software installation.

You can also obtain this, and other Vicon documents, from