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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.9. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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Issues addressed in Vicon Nexus 2.9.3

The following general issues have been addressed in Vicon Nexus 2.9.3:

  • CGM2 has been updated to version 3.2.13.
  • CGM2 global angle outputs have been corrected.
  • Trials that are located in paths with non-ASCII characters now process correctly.

Issues addressed in Vicon Nexus 2.9.2

The following general issues have been addressed in Vicon Nexus 2.9.2:

  • The T-Series indicator light now flashes during calibration to indicate progress.
  • Video calibration activates when you click Calibrate.
  • When in event ID mode, selecting the next event does not deselect the video display.

The following issues in Data Management have been addressed in Vicon Nexus 2.9.2:

  • Data Management no longer requires a top level to use Nexus.
  • Subject files are no longer renamed when renaming the parent session, even if they are not associated.
  • Clicking on the column header sorts trial names.
  • Double-clicking the movie icon file in ProEclipse imports all AVIs, not just the one in a placeholder when using Polygon.
  • Primary and secondary sorting has been improved for the force plate columns.
  • Columns can be sorted alphabetically and chronologically.
  • ProEclipse recognizes capitalized C3D file extensions.

Issues addressed in Vicon Nexus 2.9.

The following issues are among the total that were addressed in Vicon Nexus 2.9:

  • Nexus now runs the Butterworth Filter on a trajectory with large gaps.
  • External changes to a VSK are no longer reverted if the Refresh Subject > From VSK option is used after a SaveTrial operation.
  • If Assume Foot Flat selected (short trials), foot segment is now correctly created.
  • Nexus buffer efficiency has improved.
  • Contexts are now refreshed within the time bar when moving between trials.
  • Advanced Gait Workflow (AGW) Combined Processing operations parameters are now the same as the default reconstruction and labeling parameters.
  • You can now load trials with the same name but from different patient sessions into Quick Reports.
  • Searching for modeled markers using MATLAB or Python no longer generates a virtual marker if the marker position has changed.
  • Reading of XML marker node errors has been updated.
  • Events are now correctly identified when using a Boolean AND whilst scrolling through a trial.
  • Repeatedly running auto-initialize subject does not shrink the labeling skeleton.
  • AGW Static Trial type opens only if the AGW Lower Body workflow is selected.
  • Nexus 2.8 Non-zeroed force plates now correctly assign kinetic gait cycles to the time bar.
  • Plug-in Gait ground reaction force outputs now display the correct force plate units. 
  • Adding a segment to Plug-in Gait does not remove the existing parameterization.