This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.8. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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You can configure the following settings in the Properties pane for an IMeasureU sensor.

For information on setting up and using IMUs with Nexus, see Configure IMUs and Work with IMUs.

General section

NameA name that you supply for the sensor.
Delay Compensation (s)Default: 0
EnabledWhen selected, data capture is enabled for this sensor.
Default: Selected
ModeStreaming mode for the sensor.
Default: 100Hz (9-Axis)
Sensor NumberUnique identifier for the sensor, which is found on the tag on the side of the sensor. Although you enter only the digits on the tag, this is an eight-digit number that is padded with four zeros when displayed in the Log.
Sensor ReconnectIf the connection to a sensor is lost (the device is displayed as gray in the System Resources pane), click this button to reconnect. (This button is not available while you are capturing a trial.)
Sensor DisconnectDisconnect the sensor.
Calibrate SensorCalibrate the sensor. Calibration is only available when running at 100Hz.
Firmware VersionFirmware version of the connected sensor.

Status section

ConnectedIndicates whether the sensor is connected.
Sample Rate (Hz)Displays the number of samples collected per component per second.
Battery (%)Displays the percentage of battery life remaining.
Free SpaceThe amount of free space remaining on the sensor.