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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.5. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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Location: Nexus menu bar > Window menu > Manage Control Authorizations option; or

Location: Resources pane > System tree > Control Devices > right-click device

Vicon Nexus 2.5 enables you to view and manage authorization of any instances of the Vicon Control app that are connected with your system. You can manage authorizations for all connected devices or for a single selected device:

Manage all Vicon Control authorizations

To view and manage all connected instances of Vicon Control:

  1. On the Nexus menu bar, click WIndow and then click Manage Control Authorizations.
  2. In the Vicon Control dialog box, select the required option:

    • To grant unprompted access in future, ensure the relevant device's check box is selected in the Known Devices list.
      In future, the device will be able to connect without having to be re-authorized.  
    • To permanently revoke access, clear the device's check box in the Known Devices list.
      The device is disconnected and in future, it will not be able to connect. This is useful if you accidentally authorized a device, or if you need to remove an authorized device from the system, for example, if it is lost or sold.
    • To remove a connected device from the Known Devices list and force re-authorization on the next attempt to connect, select the device and then click Forget Device.
      To reconnect, the device will have to send an authorization request and be re-authorized.
    • To remove all connected devices from the Known Devices list and force re-authorization on the next attempt to connect by any of the listed devices, click Forget All.
  3. To save your changes and close the dialog box, click OK.

Manage Vicon Control authorization for a selected device

To disconnect or forget authorization for a single device:

  1. In the System tree, right-click the relevant Control Devices icon: 
  2. Click the required option
    • Disconnect Immediately disconnects the selected device, ensuring that the PC operator has control of the Vicon system (if no other instances of Vicon Control are connected).
    • Forget Device The device is disconnected and forced to request authorization again if it attempts to connect in future.