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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.5. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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The following issues have been addressed in Vicon Nexus 2.5:

  • The Minimum Cameras To Continue Trajectory setting is now respected.

  • View types now restore correctly.

  • Reprogramming window now automatically sizes properly on a 4k monitor.

  • Reconstruction no longer considers uncalibrated cameras.

  • Having two selected VSTs when running SCoRE and SARA no longer adds regular markers to the VST rather than the modeled markers.

  • When multiple subjects are present, the active subject can no longer be changed when creating segments.

  • The Export 3D Overlay Video operation now reliably exports the correct number of frames.

  • Transcode Video operation now more reliably provides progress feedback.

  • Maximum temperature popup warnings have been improved

  • A new context menu option in Event Identification mode and an option in the Delete Timebar Events pipeline operation enable you to delete events outside of the ROI so that they are not saved to C3D. 

  • The reset force plate offsets feature no longer fails if the force plate has different frame period and samples are selected near the end of the trial.

  • Nexus SDK SetTrialRegionOfInterest() now correctly traps the error when the start frame is larger than the end frame.

  • The selected L-Frame for Set Origin now persists on relaunches.

  • Running dynamic Plug-in Gait on a single frame no longer causes a crash.

  • Exporting invalid devices no longer causes a crash.

  • The Nexus Python command GetEvents no longer returns unexpected frame numbers and offsets.

  • Naming a subject with a period (.) in the name no longer automatically deselects that subject on trial reload.

  • You can now delete events regardless of the order in which they were created. 

  • Labeling Template Builder - new subject now reliably labels on Go Live. 

  • Export 3D Workspace as AVI files are now exported as Trialname.workspace.avi. 

  • Split window on secondary monitor no longer causes Nexus to crash.

  • Nexus no longer crashes when filling SSD/s with single long video capture. 

  • Toolbar buttons that run pipelines are now disabled in Live mode. 

  • If a trial file fails to load Nexus logs the error and updates the trial info. 

  • Nexus no longer allows multiple Vicon Control application connections simultaneously.

  • Systems with more than 255 analog channels are now prevented from producing a corrupt C3D file.

  • Linking segments no longer collapses the Subjects tree after you select Parent then Child.

  • Nexus Graph labeling corrected for high channel count. 

  • Graph measurement displays correct value for current frame. 

  • Imported AVI files are no longer displayed as ?s instead of their names. 

  • Running Butterworth filter on an analog force plate no longer creates noise on the CoP.

  • UDP Network Start/Stop - Nexus no longer silently overwrites a trial on the slave if the same trial name is requested on the master.

  • UDP Network Start/Stop - correction for active port numbering during capture. 

  • Offline clip rate no longer differs from write clip rate when optical cameras are not captured.