This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.15. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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If a video file within the currently open trial has already been transferred and/or transcoded, Nexus automatically loads the new version of the file.

To transfer and transcode reference video files:

  1. On the Data Management tab, in the Show File Transfer/Batch Processing interface (see About transferring and transcoding), click the File Transfer button.

    The list in the Trial column includes all digital video capture trials created during video capture.
  2. From the list, specify the video files to be transferred in any of these ways:
    • Click the corresponding check box to select a specific trial.
    • Click Select All to select all trials in the list.
    • Click Select None to clear all previously selected trials.
  3. In the File Transfer area, from the Video Compression drop-down list either leave None (the default setting) or select one of the supported codecs for compressing the selected video files prior to transfer.
    In Nexus 2.13 and later, you can select only the H.264 codec to transcode captured video files, and you can choose from five quality options, ranging from Best Quality/Largest File to Lowest Quality/Smallest File. The H.264 codec is compatible with Theia. 
    For versions of Nexus earlier than 2.13, we recommend that you use the FFDShow codec. You can download it from the Third-Party Plugins page on the Vicon website.
    For information on installing and setting the correct options for the FFDShow codec, see Install the FFDShow codec.

    Nexus remembers the last codec selected from the list.
  4. Click the Transfer Files button to start transferring the video files associated with the selected trials. Any specified transcoding is performed as the first stage of the transfer process.
Do not attempt to capture data while a file transfer is in process. Interrupting this process may result in problems with the data capture or file transfer. Allow the file transfer process to complete, or click the Cancel Transfer button to manually stop the process before starting a new capture.

During transfer, the progress column in the trials list indicates the transfer status:

  • Blank: File transfer process idle
  • Yellow moving bar: File transfer process in progress
  • Green static bar: File transfer process successfully completed
  • Red static bar: File transfer process failed or canceled

In addition, the File Transfer counter enables you to check easily on the progress of the transfer of large numbers of video files.

The counter displays both the number of the current video and the total number of videos that are being transferred.

Install the FFDShow codec

Unless you are using Nexus 2.13 or later, we recommend the FFDShow codec for transcoding your raw video files. (In Nexus 2.13 and later, you can use only the H.264 codec to transcode captured video files.)

To install this codec:

  1. Visit the Third-Party Plugins page on the Vicon website.
  2. Click on FFDShow Codec and download the file.
  3. Install the downloaded FFDShow.exe file.
  4. Accept the default options, ensuring that on the Select Components screen, the VFW Interface option is selected.
  5. Click Start > All Programs > ffdshow > VFW Configuration.
  6. On the Encoder tab, ensure Generic is selected, then select the following options and click OK:
    • Encoder: MPEG-4
    • Mode: one pass - average bitrate
    • Bitrate (kbps): 900
    • Maximum I frame interval: 10
    • Minimum I frame interval: 1
  7. In Nexus, you can now select the FFDShow codec from the list of available codecs in the File Transfer area of the Data Management tab.