This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.15. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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For information on Plug-in Gait bones, see the following topics:

Complete list of Plug-in Gait bones

Lower body:
Upper body:
PELOPelvis Origin
HEDOHead Origin
PELPPelvis Proximal
HEDPHead Proximal
PELAPelvis Anterior
HEDAHead Anterior
PELLPelvis Lateral
HEDLHead Lateral
RFEORight Femur Origin
TRXOThorax Origin
RFEPRight Femur Proximal
TRXPThorax Proximal
RFEARight Femur Anterior
TRXAThorax Anterior
RFELRight Femur Lateral
TRXLThorax Lateral
LFEOLeft Femur Origin
CSPOC Spine Origin
LFEPLeft Femur Proximal
CSPPC Spine Proximal
LFEALeft Femur Anterior
CSPAC Spine Anterior
LFELLeft Femur Lateral
CSPLC Spine Lateral
RTIORight Tibia Origin
SACOSacrum Origin
RTIPRight Tibia Proximal
SACPSacrum Proximal
RTIARight Tibia Anterior
SACASacrum Anterior
RTILRight Tibia Lateral
SACLSacrum Lateral
LTIOLeft Tibia Origin
RCLORight Clavicle Origin
LTIPLeft Tibia Proximal
RCLPRight Clavicle Proximal
LTIALeft Tibia Anterior
RCLARight Clavicle Anterior
LTILLeft Tibia Lateral
RCLLRight Clavicle Lateral
RFOORight Foot Origin
LCLOLeft Clavicle Origin
RFOPRight Foot Proximal
LCLPLeft Clavicle Proximal
RFOARight Foot Anterior
LCLALeft Clavicle Anterior
RFOLRight Foot Lateral
LCLLLeft Clavicle Lateral
LFOOLeft Foot Origin
RHUORight Humerus Origin
LFOPLeft Foot Proximal
RHUPRight Humerus Proximal
LFOALeft Foot Anterior
RHUARight Humerus Anterior
LFOLLeft Foot Lateral
RHULRight Humerus Lateral
RTOORight Toe Origin
LHUOLeft Humerus Origin
RTOPRight Toe Proximal
LHUPLeft Humerus Proximal
RTOARight Toe Anterior
LHUALeft Humerus Anterior
RTOLRight Toe Lateral
LHULLeft Humerus Lateral
LTOOLeft Toe Origin
RRAORight Radius Origin
LTOPLeft Toe Proximal
RRAPRight Radius Proximal
LTOALeft Toe Anterior
RRAARight Radius Anterior
LTOLLeft Toe Lateral
RRALRight Radius Lateral

LRAOLeft Radius Origin

LRAPLeft Radius Proximal

LRAALeft Radius Anterior

LRALLeft Radius Lateral

RHNORight Hand Origin

RHNPRight Hand Proximal

RHNARight Hand Anterior

RHNLRight Hand Lateral

LHNOLeft Hand Origin

LHNPLeft Hand Proximal

LHNALeft Hand Anterior

LHNLLeft Hand Lateral

RFIORight Finger Origin

RFIPRight Finger Proximal

RFIARight Finger Anterior

RFILRight Finger Lateral

LFIOLeft Finger Origin

LFIPLeft Finger Proximal

LFIALeft Finger Anterior

LFILLeft Finger Lateral

RTBORight Thumb Origin

RTBPRight Thumb Proximal

RTBARight Thumb Anterior

RTBLRight Thumb Lateral

LTBOLeft Thumb Origin

LTBPLeft Thumb Proximal

LTBALeft Thumb Anterior

LTBLLeft Thumb Lateral

Plug-in Gait virtual markers

Plug-in Gait creates virtual markers that lie on the axes of a segment's coordinate systems: at the origin, anterior axis, lateral axis, and proximal (vertical) axis. These virtual markers are not necessary for the basic use of Plug-in Gait. Advanced users may use them for exporting the rotational and translational motion of the segments for analysis.

The following table lists the virtual markers created for each segment.

Virtual markerSegment coordinate system
sgmentNameOsegment Origin
segmentNameAAnterior axis
segmentNamePProximal axis
segmentNameLLateral axis

For example, Plug-in Gait would create the following virtual markers for the pelvis segment:

  • PELO: pelvis Origin
  • PELA: pelvis Anterior axis
  • PELP: pelvis Proximal axis
  • PELL: pelvis Lateral axis

Plug-in Gait joint centers

The following image shows Plug-in Gait joint centers: