This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.15. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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Nexus is tested and fully supported with NVIDIA graphics processors. This is the Vicon-recommended graphics processor for PCs that are to run your Vicon system and Nexus software.

Using other graphics processors is not recommended and may affect the performance of the software.

If you experience issues with the software and you have been informed by Vicon Support that this is due to the graphics processor, note these points:

  • Issues can occur when you first start the software, or may be due to a driver or Windows update.
  • If you previously had a working configuration, consider rolling back the driver version or restoring Windows to a working restore point.
  • Some laptops have both a dedicated graphics processor and an integrated processor. You can select the processor for use by an application. You can usually find the option for this by right-clicking the application's shortcut. You can find further general controls in the NVIDIA control panel.

If an NVIDIA processor is not available and Nexus stops responding, the following workaround may help. It involves installing an additional file to the Nexus program directory. To do this, you need read/write access to this location and may require the help of an administrator. 

Mitigate graphics processor issues:

  1. Download and unzip the file found in the OpenGL section at the bottom of the Nexus page on the Vicon website.
    Two versions of the DLL are available on this page. Ensure you select the required version of the DLL, which depends on your version of Nexus:
    • Nexus 2.13 and later – Download the 64-bit version
    • Nexus 2.12 and earlier – Download the 32-bit version
    Note that the filename is opengl32.dll for the 64-bit version, as well as for the 32-bit version.
  2. With Nexus closed, place the opengl32.dll file in the folder that contains the Nexus executable (Nexus.exe), for example:
    C:\Program Files\Vicon\Nexus2.15
  3. Launch Nexus.
  4. Repeat Step 2 for any other instances of Nexus. 

This solution mitigates any issues that are due to the graphics processor which you may experience whilst you're running Nexus, however, performance, such as redraw and general navigation, may be adversely affected. This solution has been tested on a limited number of Intel graphics cards for Windows 10.