This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.15. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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The following issues have been addressed in the latest release of Nexus:

  • When specifying parameters for the Run ProCalc Operation pipeline operation, you can now select read-only schemes from the Input Scheme or Variable Scheme lists.
  • When you add the Run Theia ProCalc Scheme operation to a pipeline, the Variable Scheme list now displays only Theia-specific schemes.
  • Warnings from ProCalc (for example, that variables or inputs are missing) are now correctly displayed in the Log in Nexus.
  • Mixing standalone licenses locked to dongles and to the machine no longer generates dongle error messages when the dongle is unplugged.
  • Nexus no longer stops responding if you try to open a trial that contains data in extended ascii characters such as Russian, Japanese or Arabic, or if the history file is corrupted.
  • Motek calibration files now populate the 6x6 matrix correctly given a valid input file.